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Planetary Node Bundles are Coming

September 6, 2022
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So you missed your first chance last week to become one of the first Spider Tanks Planetary Node operators…

The excitement is always building with Spider Tanks, as we move closer to the big launch of the world’s first Web3 esport.

First, we announced the detail-packed Spider Tanks Lite Paper, which outlines the current plans for a Spider Tanks reward-based gaming ecosystem. Next, we announced that Spider Tanks Nodes were coming and dropped the Node Atlas with all the details. Then, a mere 10 days later, the first wave of Planetary Node licenses became available in the Gala Games Store.

You Wanted MOAR!!!

When our community cries out passionately for something, we’re in the habit of listening. You wanted another round of Planetary Node sales, so we put together a killer 72 hour bundle sale. More Nodes means more potential Spider Tanks rewards. Ready to triple up?

A Trio of Nodes

Starting on 3pm PT on September 8th, bundles of 3 Planetary Node licenses will hit the store for 72 hours only. The special bundle price will be $7500, payable in $GALA or ETH.

Node Extras

Dropship Options

Every Spider Tanks player has a Dropship that will allow them to enroll their owned Tanks in the Pilot Program, depending on the number of Drop Pods currently available.

There are two main types of Drop Pod: Atomic and Ironclad. Atomic Drop Pods are made with a quick and low-cost construction and designed to disintegrate after a certain amount of time or use. Ironclad Drop Pods on the other hand are painstakingly crafted to last for life; they never expire.

Every player’s Dropship comes with one Ironclad Drop Pod. One additional Ironclad Drop Pod will be included (upon game launch) with each first-generation Planetary Node license purchase.

For example: If you own 5 Planetary Node licenses, you will have 6 permanent drop pods (Ironclad Drop Pods), one that came with the Dropship and 5 that came with the node license purchase. There is no cap on the number of Drop Pods you can own.

Your Dropship can include either Atomic or Ironclad Drop Pods. Each Drop Pod allows you to enroll a single Tank in the Pilot Program (allowing someone else to pilot your Tank for shared rewards).

Upgradeable Node Depot

Every Planetary Node operator will have a Node Depot that allows them to pair their owned Tank Body, Tank Weapon or Map NFTs automatically to matches hosted by their Node. By pairing their NFTs with their Planetary Node, a player can potentially receive additional Victory Point rewards. This Node Depot can be upgraded to a total of 6 Depot Slots for a single Node.

The first Slot in each Node operator’s Node Depot is included, and will never expire. This slot is the only permanent Node Depot Slot, and it will always allow each Node operator to pair one of their own Spider Tanks NFTs with their Planetary Node.

Additional Node Depot Slots will be available for purchase (up to 6), but only the first will never expire.

Discord AMA

The Spider Tanks team will spend some time taking questions in Discord tomorrow, Wednesday September 7th, starting at 4:30pm PT. Join in for all the latest!

Don’t forget — The Bundle Sale begins on Thursday at 3pm PT!

The teams at Gala Games and GAMEDIA appreciate all your fantastic support as we make the final stride toward the highly anticipated launch date. Spiders will be everywhere this October 31st, and not just because of Halloween. See you soon!