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VOX Odyssey | How to Play

September 7, 2022
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Welcome to VOX Odyssey — the first step into the wondrous world of VOX!

It’s finally here! If you own at least one VOX and a Soul, VOX Odyssey is now open in early access for you to explore! Don’t have a Soul? You can always nab one here to still gain early access to VOX Odyssey.

But what is VOX Odyssey anyway? VOX Odyssey is an idle text-based Discord game that celebrates any and all things VOX! Time to grab your VOX and get started on the first of many adventures! Level up your VOX, collect resources, discover experiences tailored to your specific VOX, and collaborate with other VOX-loving community members to discover more of what’s going on in the world of VOX.

The experiences you have in VOX Odyssey will shape your future in VOXverse. The resources you gain, the adventures you embark on, and the relationships you make will give you a head start in VOXverse, enabling your VOX to be the coolest one on the block! Can’t wait for VOXverse? Neither can we, but the resources you gain in VOX Odyssey will be critical for the future! So, grab your VOX, grab a friend, and make sure you’re gathering as many resources as possible so you’re not left behind when VOXverse arrives!

Getting Started

If you haven’t already, link your Discord account to your Gala Games account by going to Gala.Games. Be sure that your VOX appear in your Gala Games inventory — If they don’t show in your inventory, they won’t be usable in VOX Odyssey. If your VOX are not appearing in your inventory, please make a support ticket so our team can assist.

After linking your account, type “/playodyssey” in one of the play-odyssey channels in Discord. When the bot responds, click on the button “Change VOX” to select the VOX that you wish to play with.

How to Play

Once you’ve selected your VOX, you can check out locations that exist in or around the starting zone. Visiting new locations unlocks new tasks for your VOX.

After unlocking tasks, you can send your VOX on a task to gather resources.

When your VOX reaches Global Level 15, they can travel to other zones and see more of the world around them. New zones will unlock new locations, lore, and tasks.

That sums up the basics of how to play! For more details on each button/concept, check out the sections below!


This button shows you unlocked tasks in your VOX’s current zone. Sending your VOX out on tasks can help them gain resources and experiences. When your VOX is just beginning their VOX Odyssey journey, they will return to you frequently with what they’ve discovered from their task. As they level up, your VOX will feel more confident and will venture out for longer periods of time, resulting in more resources!

Each task uses a combination of different stats. For example, wood cutting uses both a VOX’s might and endurance. The higher your VOX’s might and endurance stats are the better your VOX will perform at wood cutting, resulting in higher quality resources.

Regardless of your stats, you will always receive the same amount of experience from performing a task.


This button will unlock when your VOX reaches Global Level 15 and allows your VOX to travel between zones. This travel takes time and cannot be canceled once begun. While traveling, your VOX will be busy and will be unable to complete tasks while they are en route to their new destination.


This button shows you the places you can explore from your current zone in the world of VOX Odyssey. Each zone has a variety of locations. For now, all locations are available from anywhere within the same zone.

As you explore different locations, tasks will unlock and will be accessible through the “Tasks” button.

Change VOX

This button opens a menu where you can switch your active VOX. This allows you to have more than one VOX in play simultaneously. It will also show you which of your VOX are busy and which of them are currently idle.


Your VOX has two different kinds of stats: individual stats and Global Level. There are six individual stats within VOX Odyssey: might, agility, endurance, smarts, swagger, and wit (see Glossary for more details). Your VOX’s Global Level is the sum of all of the individual stats.

As mentioned above, your VOX’s levels stay with your VOX. Who will your VOX become in the worlds of VOX Odyssey and VOXverse?


This button opens up your resource inventory. You can view your resources for the VOX you’re playing with by selecting “Current VOX” or all the resources you’ve collected from your entire posse of VOX by selecting “All VOX.”

Remember: resources gained in VOX Odyssey will be important in both VOX Odyssey and VOXverse!


Don’t feel like playing in a group channel? Clicking this button will create a thread where you can play VOX Odyssey “introvert style”!

Future Features

Now that we’ve tackled what’s currently in VOX Odyssey, let’s talk about what’s upcoming! Here are some of the things we are prioritizing:

  • NPCs
  • Adventures (once released, new adventures will come out on a rolling basis)
  • VIP system (name subject to change)
  • Mirandus Realm
  • Events

We have so many other surprises in the works for you all, but for the moment, this is all we can share. We’re excited to see VOX Odyssey grow and evolve with your input and engagement.


Zone: A zone is a larger city or area that your VOX can visit in VOX Odyssey. Each zone is made up of various locations. Some examples of zones are New York City and Seoul.

Location: A location is a smaller area within a zone that a VOX can visit. For example, Times Square is a location within the greater zone of New York City.

Individual Stats:

  • Might: Flex some voxel muscles by upping your VOX’s might and prove that they have what it takes to take on whatever life may hurl at it!
  • Agility: How low can your VOX go?! Your VOX’s ability to limbo or do any other activities that require flexibility and dexterity are determined by their agility!
  • Endurance: Endurance is your VOX’s ability to party all night long!
  • Smarts: Time to push up your glasses and hit the books! Smarts help your VOX to be the brainiest of the bunch!
  • Wit: Whether it’s a dangerous cyclone heading your way or a delivery truck with free pizza, your VOX can sense it all with their intuitive wit!
  • Swagger: Who’s that VOX coming this way?! Increase your VOX’s cool factor, their likeability, and their chances of influencing the world around them by increasing their swagger!