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Peak Mayhem: Week 4 Preview

May 24, 2024
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Mayhem rises like a tide across the whole of the galaverse, bringing the fun to every nook and cranny!

Week 3 is in full swing until next Monday, but we’re here to give you a little taste of what’s coming in week 4!

Common Ground World

Get ready for even more Mayhem than before in Common Ground World. Next week, the Jewelry Set will be the focus, and the first guild competition will begin!

For rewards in next week’s competition, you’ll need to work as a team. The format is “Better Together”, and in it every guild members’ Stars will be added up to get a final Guide Score!

A total of 50 guilds will receive rewards, and their rewards will be distributed evenly between all guild members. The first place guild will grab up 240k $GALA!

Of course, we’ve definitely got some new NFT revamps for you coming up next week too!

This week, it’s the Masterful Distillery and the Monumental Snowman’s turn! These two NFTs are getting expanded abilities and extra effectiveness. Expect  to see a nice new discount on them in the store coming on Monday as well!

We’ve left a BIG second chance sale for last in May Mayhem. On May 28th, you’ll have a chance to grab the 100 Crystal Sanctums not sold in the original sale!

Legends Reborn

Next week is the final week of Mayhem, and Legends Reborn knows how to make it climactic.

Expect to see the same kind of competition as the last three weeks from Legends Reborn, except this time each player in the top 10 of Matches Played and Matches Won will receive rewards!

There’s $2000 of $GALA up for grabs. $100 will be rewarded to each player who manages to climb to the top 10 at the end of the week.

You still have time to rack up the wins you need to get your hands on the three free Mayhem NFTs!

  • 50 wins – Glacial Spear
  • 100 wins – Viridian Dragon
  • 150 wins – Phoenix 

See you at the tables!


GalaSwap has even more rewards coming at swappers. This week, the list of tokens that could lead to rewards has been mixed up a bit, but should still look pretty familiar:

  • $GALA
  • $GUSDT
  • $MUSIC
  • $GSWAP
  • $SILK
  • $TOLK

The highest volume of completed swaps for any of the above tokens will find some Mayhem rewards waiting for them shortly after the week’s conclusion!

Meme Contest!

Last minute addition!

Our friends over at LFG are sponsoring a meme contest!

After the month is over, their team will pick out their favorites and let Gala Gold members vote on the best memes!

Last Expedition

Did you hear about the latest Last Expedition update!? Mission Ready is the biggest content update seen yet in the game, and the fight is more fun and more dangerous than it’s ever been!

Join us on Tuesday May 28th for some celebratory matches! You’ll have the chance to win some sweet SWAG and a special guest or two may be dropping in. Keep 👀 on Discord and social media for when it’s all happening next Tuesday!


Where will VOX invade this week? They’ve saved the most dangerous for last… Last Expedition that is!

During the event next Tuesday, simply win one match to receive a special, brand-new ProtoVOX

Punk soundtrack not provided

Again, May Mayhem is the ONLY chance to get all these new VOX items. There will be a last chance Mystery Box coming at the end of the month. If you want to get your hands on these without leaving it up to chance, now is the time!

MAYHEM Forever

There’s still a few days left in week 3 Mayhem… don’t let dreams of week 4 glory stop you from rising to the top with the last of this week!

We’ve had a lot of fun this Mayhem… and we reserve the right to have a little more. There’s still plenty of days left in May for some surprises! 😉

Thanks for playing with us, and we hope you have a blast during the rest of May Mayhem!