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Operator’s Node License Bundles Dropping Soon

December 17, 2022
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The next Operator’s Node Bundle 24 hour sale happens next week, featuring the Ancient Primal Bone Snapper and more!

Our Operators are the foundation of the Last Expedition community . The LE Operator Node License Bundle is an exclusive first opportunity to own and operate a Last Expedition server. In addition, the bundle contains 25 exclusive early access Early Access Tokens to share and an exclusive Ancient Primal Bone Snapper Operator’s Mod NFT.

Last Expedition Operator’s Nodes

The Operator’s Node License is integral to Last Expedition. Licenses should begin showing up in your account within 24 hours of purchase and will enable you to run a server for our future testing of Last Expedition. That’s right, your Node will be running a custom server workload for you and your friends to play Last Expedition before anyone else!

Early Access Tokens

Purchasers of the Last Expedition Operator Node License Bundle will additionally receive 25 Hunter’s Licenses for Early Access in 2023. In the event that we launch the playtest on a key-code access-limited service, then these tokens will later be redeemed for a key. Otherwise, these tokens will serve as the keys themselves.

— BONUS! —

Last Expedition Subscription

EVERY TIME Last Expedition Operator Node License Bundles go on sale, a new token will be dropped to those who have purchased the subscription in previous sales. Each of these NFTs is an Operators Mod that will allow you to make your server even more awesome, always attracting the best and most competitive players to your server.

At Gala Games, we always want to try to make sure the early adopters get something special. The earlier you purchase a Last Expedition Operators Node License, the more OP Mods you’ll get. So, if you purchased the Ancient Primal Ravager Node License Bundle, you will also receive this new Ancient Primal OP Mod in your inventory! The second Mod in the subscription is…

Ancient Primal Bone Snapper

Owning an Ancient Primal Bone Snapper NFT will spawn Ancient Primal Bone Snappers on your server whenever you run your Operator’s Node. This must be used with a Last Expedition Operator’s Node and cannot be used separately. The Bone Snapper is like an alien rhinoceros and can deliver a devastating charge attack. This can be used in conjunction with other Mods like The Ancient Primal Ravager on your server to increase the challenge.

Sale Details

Starts: Tuesday, December 20 at 3pm PT

Ends: Wednesday, December 21 at 3pm PT

Price: $2000

Types of Payment accepted: Credit Card, GALA, ETH

Sale page

Founder’s Node Distribution

A total of 2500 Bone Snapper Operator’s License Bundles will be minted for this sale, 2200 of which will be available for sale for 24 hours or while the supply lasts.

50 of the Ancient Primal Bone Snapper OP Mod will also be distributed as rewards to active Founder’s Node operators. If you’re operating one or more Founder’s Nodes for the Gala Games Ecosystem, make sure your Nodes are meeting the 6-hour daily minimum to qualify for a chance at this random distribution.

Check out this latest Last Expedition Stream for all the latest in the game’s development, as well as inside info on Operator’s Licenses, custom servers, OP Mods and more!

There is a ton of excitement in store for Last Expedition as we look ahead into 2023 together. This game will blow you away.

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