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Enchanted Fireworks | Have a Blast

December 21, 2022
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Town Star’s next Mystery Pack sale is packed with bonuses the way fireworks are packed with gunpowder.

Fireworks are always a great way to ring in a new year.

With so many exciting updates on the horizon, Town Star has a lot to celebrate this time around. For such a celebration, we decided regular fireworks wouldn’t quite cut it.

Don’t worry. These Fireworks couldn’t possibly lead to a fire hazard, unless maybe you’re so excited from your Mystery Pack pull that you spill your glass of nitro glycerin.

Epic Enchanted Fireworks Mystery Pack

There are LOTS of bonus and freebie opportunities here. What’s worse than FOMO? ROMO (Regret Of Missing Out) — Especially when it comes to awesome stuff you could’ve snagged for free. Be sure to scroll down to where it says BONUS in big, bold letters (all the places).

Mystery BOOM!

The set of 10 game-boosting collectible NFTs will be sold in Mystery Packs (4 per Pack).

This Mystery Pack sale is structured similarly to the recent drop of Enchanted Ornament Mystery Packs, and you’ll find all the details (including odds) further down in this post.

Each unique Enchanted Fireworks NFT provides a boost to an in-game function, with boosts that vary based on the rarity of the NFT.

Bonuses for the 10 Enchanted Fireworks NFTs in this set are divided into 2 groups: 1–5 offer an increase to your in-game starting cash, while 6–10 reduce the cost of clearing pesky obstacles from your land.

Here is a breakdown of the 10 Enchanted Fireworks with their rarities and bonuses:

Enchanted Fireworks 1 — Epic —14% Starting Cash Increase
Enchanted Fireworks 2 — Epic — 14% Starting Cash Increase
Enchanted Fireworks 3 — Rare — 8% Starting Cash Increase
Enchanted Fireworks 4 — Rare — 8% Starting Cash Increase
Enchanted Fireworks 5 — Uncommon — 6% Starting Cash Increase

…for a total bonus of 50% starting cash if you collect all 5!

Enchanted Fireworks 6 — Epic 14% Decrease in Clearing Cost
Enchanted Fireworks 7 — Rare 6% Decrease in Clearing Cost
Enchanted Fireworks 8 — Rare 6% Decrease in Clearing Cost
Enchanted Fireworks 9 — Uncommon 2% Decrease in Clearing Cost
Enchanted Fireworks 10 — Uncommon 2% Decrease in Clearing Cost

…for a total bonus of 30% obstacle clearing cost reduction for collecting all 5!

BONUS — Full Collection Bonus

Those who manage to collect the entire set of 10 will get a massive 50% production speed bonus to all crafts created in the Wizards Workshop!

The Wizards Workshop is available now in the Town Star store, along with a chance to get a free North Pole Creation Lab if you collect the three crucial Christmas Buildings of Santa’s production line. Learn More

BONUS — Sphere of Hope Bonus

NOTE: The deadline for the Sphere of Hope Bonus was January 7th, 2023, when a wallet snapshot was taken.

Purchasing 2 Enchanted Fireworks Mystery Packs of each rarity (6 packs total) will qualify you for a FREE Legendary Sphere of Hope. Yep, a free Legendary item, and one that plays a valuable role in your town…

  • Proximity effects of Dirty are removed for 5 tiles.
  • Negative proximity effects of Salty are removed for 5 tiles.
  • Positive proximity effects of Salty remain unchanged.

NOTE: Due to the rarity of this Legendary item, this bonus is limited to 3 per account.

BONUS — Stowaway North Pole Creation Labs

Mystical and magical North Pole powers…

Santa’s Elves are clever, and it should be no surprise that 150 North Pole Creation Labs have found their way into Enchanted Fireworks Mystery Packs.

Until now, the only way to secure one of these amazing North Pole Creation Labs for yourself was to purchase each of the 3 Christmas Buildings (Epic Master Wizard, Rare Wizards Workshop, Legendary Santa’s Factory). Now, even if you’ve already missed out on that opportunity, you’ll have multiple chances to find a Creation Lab in a Mystery Pack!

Sale Details

Sale Begins December 26th, 2022 11am PT

Items & Prices

Uncommon Mystery Pack — $45
Rare Mystery Pack — $65
Epic Mystery Pack — $95


Uncommon Pack
1st Pull — 100% Uncommon
2nd Pull — 95% Uncommon, 5% Rare
3rd Pull — 90% Uncommon, 10% Rare
4th Pull — 85% Uncommon, 12% Rare, 3% Epic

Rare Pack
1st Pull — 100% Rare
2nd Pull — 90% Rare, 10% Uncommon
3rd Pull — 80% Rare, 15% Uncommon, 5% Epic
4th Pull — 75% Rare, 18% Uncommon, 7% Epic

Epic Pack
1st Pull — 100% Epic
2nd Pull — 90% Epic, 10% Rare
3rd Pull — 60% Epic, 30% Rare, 10% Uncommon
4th Pull — 50% Epic, 35% Rare, 15% Uncommon

50 Rare Creation Labs have also been allocated to each rarity of Mystery Pack. These lucky finds will only appear as the 4th pull, in terms of open odds.

The sale starts at 11am PT on December 26th!

We hope you all enjoy holiday celebrations in whatever traditions enjoyed most by you and those you care about. Warm wishes from the Town Star team!