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Nodeification #2: Time to Upgrade

January 13, 2023
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The deadline to update to Node V3 is on January 18th, so be sure you’re ready!

Upgrade your Node software by January 18th

Node version 3 has been running the decentralized backend for the past month. If you haven’t joined the new decentralization revolution by upgrading your Node, now is the time. We’ll be turning off older Node software on January 18, 2023. This means Nodes running software version 2 will report themselves as down and you will not receive any rewards starting on January 19th.

All Node Operators:

Instructions for updating and download links can be found on the Node dashboard.

Why are we doing this?

We need you! Actually, we need your Nodes. We need them to do the work needed to support our backend. Node version 2 wasn’t cutting it and to support all the cool things we want to do, like serving music and running game servers, we need you to upgrade.

The new Node workload system does work for each license. For example, if you own a Gala Music Player Node license and you start your Gala Music Player workload, your computer will now be hosting your music NFTs to the rest of the world. If you bought one of the recent Last Expedition Operator licenses, your Node runs a custom game server that people will connect to and play on (and probably be eaten by your Ancient Ravager).

The new Node software also uses an api-key system to install and run your node. It’s much less obtrusive from before and a lot easier to use. Also, your Node will restart itself if it goes down or your computer is rebooted.

Please don’t hesitate, upgrade today!

Known Issues

Some workloads do not report being online 24 hours a day. This is ok and expected, we check every minute to see if your Node is doing its work and sometimes there are hiccups. We are working on workload issues in our backend that prevent reporting a full 24 hours uptime and we are providing fixes every week. You will still receive your rewards as long as you provide 6 hours of work a day.

Docker is needed for Node version 3 (Docker desktop on Windows and Mac). Currently the most stable version of Docker Desktop is version 4.12.

Windows Server is currently not supported, but we highly recommend upgrading to Linux (it’s the most stable OS to run a Node on and the least expensive).


Not a Node operator yet in our web3 Ecosystem? There are lots of ways to get involved. Learn more below!

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