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Galaxian Highlights #16 | The Vigilant

January 20, 2023
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Here we are, back with yet another close-up on the Gala Games team!

Gala Games brings together great minds from all across the world. Both in the community and behind the scenes, the best and brightest are here to build tomorrow together. The quality of the future we forge together is down to us. We’re very fortunate to have unparalleled expertise on this journey with us, so that we know we can create a brighter tomorrow.

Innovating and creating can change the world, but it can also attract the worst of humanity– those who will burn down the future for a chance at personal gain today. As we build this new frontier, there are those that must protect our community and innovate even faster than the villains who seek to assail our dream of a decentralized tomorrow.

Today, we focus on one of the faithful watchers on the wall of the Web3 world. A brilliant and unique professional, he creates new solutions and safeguards even faster than the shadows who try to take that which they haven’t earned. Under the safety of his guard, we can forge a better world together despite those that stand in our way.

He approaches his task with total dedication. He’s watched your back and you haven’t even known he was there. Today, hopefully you enjoy a chance to get to know Thijs!

What is your role at Gala Games?

Rogue of Cyber Resilience, leading the way on cybersecurity at Gala Games.

Why did you choose your Galaxian Title?

I’m supporting our community and fellow Galaxians with their security questions and raising their security awareness, thereby increasing our joint security resilience.

Favorite book?

Sandworm: A New Era of Cyberwar, by Andy Greenberg.

Favorite part of the Gala Games community?

The enthusiasm when we leak teasers or when we share news, that’s a huge boost for us to keep pushing the boundaries.

Turtle or Tortoise?

Turtle, as it was amazing to swim with sea turtles in Curaçao two years ago!

What are your favorite games?

RTS like StarCraft (the original 😉) and Warcraft or shooters like Quake, CS, Halo or CoD.

Its graphics may feel very 25 years ago, but we’re ALWAYS down to nerd out on some Brood War any day!

Favorite music?

I mostly listen to electro like Soulwax, The Subs, Weval and Dominik Eurlberg, and some heavy metal from time to time to stay true to my childhood playlist logged on

Cool hobbies and interests?

I like to play field hockey (which is a big sport in the Netherlands), build my own furniture and tinker with hardware– like flashing it to use for hobby projects like my own DIY wifi sniffer.

Ninja or Pirate?

Yarr, a pirate’s life for me 🏴‍☠️🎵

Pirates definitely have more fun.

Proudest gaming moment ever?

I once took part in a Doom 3 competition at a big games convent and out of a couple 100 people ended up in the semi finals with a game I’ve never played before…

Favorite Food?

Pizza any day of the week 😉

Which Spider Tanks Prop best represents you?

The Alienware head to pear with my flamethrower, to let my opponents gaze at the alien head before wreaking havoc and killing them with fire 🔥

Favorite Movie?

The Matrix. Had to watch it multiple times to understand the depth of the story, it’s truely from a different dimension.

He’s beginning to believe!

Blue or Red?

Red 💊. Dive into the unknown and be surprised by all kinds of new truths and experiences that will cross my path.

Skydiving or spa day?

Skydiving! Sitting still and relaxing is definitely not my thing 😅

Sitting still is waaaaaay overrated.

Which Town Star character could you replace, if only given the opportunity?

The Lumberjack, nice to work out in the woods and work with an axe and chainsaw 💪🏻

What’s the best super-obscure advice you have for the community?

You can write down your complex passwords and store them in a secure place, or you can combine 4 random words to create an easy to remember secret, unique and long password. It’s even better to reset your password when it’s so complex that you can’t remember it after a while.

A wise man once told me security is a behavior, not a department. That’s why we need you as a community to support us with keeping Gala Games safe and secure. More on that soon to follow 😉

Ready to defend.

A big thanks to Thijs for taking part in this interview. His work behind the scenes is essential to our Gala Games community staying safe, and we hope that everyone appreciates his typically unseen work. If you see him around, throw him a big thank you!

We love giving you these small windows into the people that make Gala Games what it is. We’re not even close to done yet. There’s so many great professionals to feature and only so many weeks in the year! We’ll keep at it, however. Look for us back here in a couple weeks with another spotlight into the Gala team!

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