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Node Operators: Jet Ready for Happy Holidays!

December 16, 2022
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Get ready for an exclusive Tank giveaway for Planetary Node Operators with a chance for Founder’s Nodes to get in on the action!

2022 has been an eventful year for Spider Tanks, but we’re just getting started. Next year will bring even greater battles, new content and generally more destruction to the arena. Are you ready for what’s coming in 2023?

Before we hit those Speed Boosters and rocket towards the future, we need to take some time to appreciate some heroes without whose support Spider Tanks wouldn’t be the same. We want to say happy holidays to our Node operators, and send them a small gift of our appreciation.

Say hello to my Triple Threat!

Christmas in the Arena

We sure hope we found a gift that matches your garage.

In old Earth culture, the middle of their primitive winter season was marked by a series of festivals that united the world in a frenzied rush to consume as many calories as possible to hibernate through the colder months. The most famous of these in the historical ballads is referred to as Christmas (alt: Krismas, Xmas, Kriss-miss).

We know little about the holiday other than what is recorded in the annals of oral history and surviving historical footage from the period. Most historical sources agree that it was the single greatest celebration of the year, during what was otherwise a barbaric and traumatizing time.

While there were many variations, the most famous iconography of the festival revolves around the figure of the dreaded Santa Claws, and his inexplicable tradition of categorizing everyone in the world into “naughty” or “nice” once per year. Santa was a cruel tyrant who relentlessly watched all of humanity while they were sleeping or awake… all in the name of providing more and more luxurious gifts to his beloved mistress, Eartha Kitt. Those the fiend considered nice would receive gifts, while we’re told from history that unspeakable horrors were unleashed on those on the naughty list.

Originally born as lowly human toy salesman “Tim Allen”, however, the holidays were not always about destruction and terror for Santa Claws. Historians believe that before a life-changing incident where he inadvertently struck and killed an elderly woman with his sleigh, he was a benevolent and even jolly presence in Earth culture.

It is in the spirit of that happier tradition of Christmas long past that we will be forgoing punishments for the naughty this year. We will, however, still send presents to everyone on the nice list!

We couldn’t find bows big enough for Jet and Triple Threat.

The nicest people we know are our Node operators who help make everything we do possible, so we hope you all enjoy your gift!

Jet and Triple Threat

All Planetary Node operators who ran at least minimum workloads in the past week should have already received a Common Jet and Triple Threat! Founder’s Node operators will also have the opportunity to receive one, starting today.

Jet is a hovering Body that plays a lot like its cousin Hurricane, but with a fresh new style.

Triple Threat shoots small bursts each time it’s fired and holds three shots in a clip. Twin Gun Pilots will find its firing pattern somewhat familiar, but since it holds more shots (similar to Cannon), it can lay down much more sustained firepower and more projectiles over a short time span.

These will be Common Tank Parts and will be part of Generation 1. This means that their upgrade costs and VP potential per day will be in line with other already released Common Parts.

-For Planetary Node Operator License Owners-

You don’t have to do anything to get your hands on this Tank! If you’ve run at least one Planetary Node for at least six hours in any one day between December 8th and December 15th, you’ve already received — or should soon receive — a Common Jet and Triple Threat in your Treasure Chest!

Thank you for your support of Spider Tanks, and happy holidays to you and yours!

-For Founder’s Node Operator License Owners-

Any Founder’s Node Operator can get in on this giveaway if they get in on a little of the holiday fun in the arena!

Any operator of at least 1 Founder’s Node that plays at least 5 matches from today at 3pm PT through Monday, December 19th at 3pm PT will also receive a Common Jet and a Common Triple Threat!

Make sure and get those matches in before Monday afternoon and after the event, we’ll send out your shiny new Tank to your Treasure Chest!

Note that only one Tank per account will be delivered by Santa’s assistants, regardless of how many Nodes a single account operates.

The Year of the Tanks

There’s tons more coming for Spider Tanks, and we’re glad that each and every member of our community is on this journey with us!

Even if we didn’t get you on the nice list this time, we sincerely hope that each and every one of you have a fantastic holiday season– however you choose to celebrate. If you choose to spend some time making celebratory Tank Part confetti over this holiday, we’ll see you in the arena!

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