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New Year, New Legacy!

December 1, 2023
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One month into launch, we’re looking towards the future! Big updates on the horizon for all our enterprising players.

Hello, Legacy fans!

Despite some of our annoying bugs taking their toll and making a real nuisance of themselves, largely we are happy with how the release has gone. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all. Our community has been very responsive and forthcoming with questions, concerns and suggestions and we have taken it all on board, and put a lot of effort into alleviating some of Legacy’s growing pains while looking forward to how we might make Legacy into the trailblazing Web3 blockchain gaming definer that we want it to be.

Upcoming Features

On Wednesday 29th November, we rolled out our first planned feature update. We would have loved to do this sooner but we have had to quickly adjust into a flexible hotfix mode and tried to stay light on our feet while we navigated some of the more critical launch bugs. We are thrilled (and surprised) that some of you managed to reach level 23 in such quick time! We are blown away by your ingenuity and dedication to the game, astounded that you reached the soft cap that we had put on for launch so soon. The time has come for new content… Therefore, we are adding two new districts to the map and unlocking an entirely new product line: Teddy Bears! We are also implementing a feature that many of you have asked for — the ability to view winning designs in any given Design Competition.

There has been a lot of work on one of the major concerns that the community have raised around Player Levels and imbalance. At its heart, Legacy is a competitive game. We initially came up with a system that was designed for lots of users that would effectively filter them into balanced and equal leagues, in doing so creating a set of Legacy leagues where the elite town managers would battle against each other in high stakes competitions for high stakes prizes, while players with less experience would compete in lower leagues. Unfortunately, due to some bugs knocking the participation numbers in events and the blockage caused by Vic’s Big Challenge, our demotion system led to players being mismatched in their events. We apologise for this, it is a problem that we wish we did not have as any unfairness in competitions was something we always wanted to remove from Legacy. The best laid plans of mice, men and game designers…

In response, we are initialising a revised matchmaking system with handicaps.

The handicap system assigns all players in an event a handicap score of 0. If an advanced player drops down one league, they are given a handicap relative to their original league, and the event league they have been moved to. This increases as the disparity between player levels increases, and is tuned to the lowest handicap score in the lobby. This handicap takes various forms depending on the event you are participating in, but generally it means that players with far more advanced towns will have to overcome an initial deficit, whilst newer players do not feel at a severe disadvantage when matched with an advanced player.

This will require some tweaking as we go, but it is the start of a journey that we will venture on together. Over time, as our player base grows, there will be fewer instances of imbalanced matchmaking, however in the short term we feel this is the best way to level the playing field in these cases.

We have taken your feedback onboard and designed it with the long term future of Legacy in mind. This handicap system will not have an immediate effect on users as it will still require a larger pool of players to fill out the gaps, however, once we roll out our upcoming User Acquisition campaign, these wrinkles ought to iron themselves out. Which nicely leads us into the next topic.

What’s to come in Legacy

Over the Christmas Holiday period, we are going to be rolling out a campaign to engage our existing users, bring in the current Deed Holders who have not yet activated their guilds, and attract new players into the existing Guilds.

In the New Year, we have some grander User Acquisition plans, with increased marketing spending to attract brand new users to join our community. We want Legacy to flourish, so we are laying the foundations for this influx of users by increasing the maximum keys per deed by up to 5 times their original amount, at no additional cost to the Deed Holder. This means more potential players in your Guilds, and more players in Events.

We will also be working on revamping the Events schedule, adding new types of Events, and creating an opt-in lobby based model that will give players the opportunity to see exactly what league the event is for and allow them to decide whether they wish to enter or not. Crucially, this choice is made before the Gems are deducted. We are still ironing out the details alongside other update plans, and we will keep you informed as this motion progresses. The update can be expected to arrive some time in Q1 2024.

Finally, we are looking at community sourced suggestions and prioritising them based on what we think is feasible in line with our current plan, and also reasonable in the context of the game. There is a high level of variance between player levels, and what is good for the beginner is usually damaging to the more advanced player, and vice versa.

Together with Gala, we are putting funds into marketing and user acquisition to expand the horizons of Legacy beyond this amazing community and bring in new faces to compete with.

The long term future of Legacy is at the forefront of our minds, and we believe that these changes are the beginning of a journey toward a healthier, fairer and more enjoyable experience for everyone. These feature updates, combined with a concerted marketing campaign and consistent content drops, will lead to a much improved Legacy experience. We appreciate your patience and feedback through this launch period. Thank you for your support, suggestions and constructive critiques — together we will cement our Legacy!

Thank you, 
The 22Cans Team

NOTE: This letter was originally shared in Discord by the Legacy dev team.

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