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Eternal Paradox — The Litepaper

December 5, 2023
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Learn the details of the Eternal Paradox economy of rewards and ownership!

Eternal Paradox is an immersive 4x conquest game infused with fast-paced RPG battles, PvP elements, real ownership and player rewards. Players are invited to engage in strategic and competitive gameplay utilizing upgradeable Fortresses and Mercenary characters. At the heart of this captivating game lies the ETIME token, a meticulously designed economic driver that plays a pivotal role in shaping the game’s system of web3 player rewards.

Because of its unique temporal paradox narrative elements, Eternal Paradox creates a world that repeats itself endlessly in 49-day cycles, allowing both for large scale seasonal competition and daily gameplay rewards. While the 49-day story always begins and ends with the same events, what happens in between is entirely up to the players.

Eternal Paradox will be completely free to play, meaning that any user can participate, competing in 4x and RPG gameplay without owning any tokens, and even without a Gala Games account.

The Essence of Eternal Time

ETIME, the lifeblood of Eternal Paradox, serves as the game’s native token, crafted to enhance the overall gameplay experience by adding greater depth to the game’s reward economy. This token, with a maximum supply of 200,000,000, fuels various aspects of Eternal Paradox, from incentivizing player participation to rewarding outstanding achievements.

Official Eternal Time (ETIME) Contract Address (Etherscan link):

ETIME — The official reward token of Eternal Paradox

The Flow of ETIME: Faucets

The creation of ETIME takes place daily and is carefully calibrated to maintain a balanced ecosystem, as well as a sustainable and engaging environment for all players.

1% of generated ETIME will always go to operators of Gala Games Founder’s Nodes as an ongoing reward for powering the game’s web3 features, and for their ongoing participation and roll into operation of the Gala network.

The remaining 99% of generated ETIME is driven by two key factors:

1. ETIME from Gem Utilization: 0.90 times the total number of Gems consumed in the previous day.

Partially tying token emission to gem expenditure helps enable stability in the system by distributing more to ALL players as and when premium currency usage increases.

2. ETIME from Stamina Expenditure: 0.009 times the total Stamina used in the previous day.

Using stamina expenditure to help determine the remaining emission of ETIME tokens enables the growth of the emissions and distributions schedule to align with the growth of Eternal Paradox and the engagement of its players

NOTE: When multiple game servers are used, multipliers are applied when Victory Points are created, taking into account the Gem purchases and Stamina consumption generated by each server and reflecting the ecosystem activity of each server.

Reaping Rewards: Seasonal and Daily Distributions

ETIME tokens are usable to players as in-game currency, and will also be rewarded to players who dedicate their time and strategic prowess to Eternal Paradox. These rewards are distributed through two primary channels:

1. Seasonal Rewards:

60% of distributable ETIME tokens are allocated to players based on their performance during each season. Players earn Victory Points (VPs) through various gameplay activities (outlined below). At the end of each season, players are rewarded with ETIME proportionate to the VPs they have accumulated.

  1. Conquest: 36% of tokens are allocated to recipients of Conquest Victory Points (CVPs). Conquest VPs will be awarded to the Top 3 placing Guilds per round in each occupation battle over the course of the season based on ranking and Guild contribution. Each season consists of 3 rounds. Guild members will receive VP for each round based on the Guild’s contribution rate. To prevent abuse, the maximum individual contribution within a Guild is limited to 10%.
  2. Arena: 12% of tokens are allocated to recipients of Arena Victory Points (AVPs) per round. Each season consists of 7 separate Arena rounds. Arena VPs are awarded to the top 500 players per round. At the end of each season, tokens are distributed to each individual based on their share of AVP out of the total AVP (all players) for the season.
  3. Battle Power: 12% of tokens are allocated to recipients of Battle Victory Points (BVPs). Battle VPs will be awarded to the top 500 ranked players based on the highest level of combat power during the season. Tokens will be paid out at the end of the season according to the token distribution rate determined by leaderboard rank.

2. Daily Rewards:

The remaining 40% of distributable ETIME tokens are distributed as daily gameplay rewards to the top 1000 ranked players. Players earn Daily Prize Points in many ways:

  • Increasing Captain level or Headquarters level
  • Completing Daily Missions
  • Reaching reward milestones in Challenge Events
  • Gaining resources through battles in the field while residing on NFT land with available DPP allotment remaining
  • Gathering from resource sites in the field
  • Achieving maximum Mercenary skill level
  • Achieving 3rd Mercenary Awakening or Re-Awakening
  • Leveling a Mercenary to level 40 or level 50
  • Reaching +10 on a 6* or 7* equipment
  • Promoting Mercenaries

Daily rewards are distributed at the end of each day (at 4pm PT, which is 0 UTC), with ETIME distribution determined by Daily Prize Points, which are converted into Daily Victory Points at the time of distribution. Daily Victory Points are then used to determine the portion of the available ETIME rewards distributed to each user for the day’s reward distribution.

In order to take advantage of certain types of Daily Rewards, players must control Land. Land may be GalaChain minted items (which are player-owned and fully transferable), or rented on a seasonal basis for a Gem cost.

Land: Core of Rewards

In Eternal Paradox, playing with other users on a limited-size field makes land a crucial element. Not only does land offer Daily Prize Points, but it also hosts various in-game functions designed to benefit both individuals and Guild members, providing a substantial advantage toward dominating the server.

Land offers the following benefits:

  • Players earn daily prize points when certain resources are hunted on the land. For every 1M wheat obtained on the land, each player on that land acquires 100 daily prize points.
  • Land owners receive a set percentage of resources obtained by users hunting on their land. Land owners can choose to receive wheat, iron ore, or energy resources.
  • Players may select an in-game buff based on their rank:
  • Acquire soldier buffs of the same attribute as the closest exploration site.
  • Land owners have the ability to kick players from their land. Unwanted players or hostile guild members on one’s land may be kicked without any restrictions.

Mercenaries: The Keys to Enhanced Rewards

Mercenaries, the loyal companions of players in Eternal Paradox, play a crucial role in maximizing ETIME rewards. Players who own minted Mercenaries earn Daily Prize Points for completing gameplay activities based on their Mercenaries’ attributes, the number of Mercenaries owned, and the rarities of those Mercenaries. Daily Prize Points determine the amount of DVPs earned, ultimately influencing the ETIME rewards received for that day.

Additionally, players who utilize owned (GalaChain minted) Mercenaries will enjoy Immortal Stats for those Mercenaries. NFT Mercenaries can choose a number of Immortal Stats to grow based on their rarity. When that specific activity is performed in game, the stat will advance. These Immortal Stats do not reset at the end of a season.

These stats allows players to specialize their Mercenaries in certain aspects of gameplay. All Mercenaries’ stats and levels will reset with every season reset — with the exception of NFT Mercenaries’ Immortal Stats. This gives players who use owned Mercenaries the ability to build up a distinct gameplay edge over time as an ownership reward.

Owners of minted Mercenaries can receive additional DVP for holding minted Mercenaries. These additional Mercenary bonuses are cumulative, meaning the more minted Mercenaries you hold, the greater the bonus, with a maximum per player of 100% bonus. The DVP bonuses for different rarities of minted Mercenaries are listed below:

Common: 1%
Uncommon: 1.5%
Rare: 2%
Epic: 2.5%
Legendary: 3.5%
Ancient: 5%

This is Alex (Legendary pictured), Captain Bianca’s faithful first mate!

Immortal Emblems & Mercenary Rarity

Mercenary rarity also affects the base stats and experience gained through gameplay. Specifically, the base stats of minted (NFT) Mercenaries is up to 30% higher (depending on rarity) than their in-game-only equivalents. The rarity of in-game-only Mercenaries may be established through the use of Immortal Emblems, with each rarity requiring varying numbers of Immortal Emblems.

Once Immortal Emblems are appropriately applied to an in-game-only Mercenary, that Mercenary then becomes Mint-Ready, able to be minted into an owned version of the same Mercenary, making it transferable and bridgeable, adding Immortal Stats and other benefits of minted Mercenaries.

Once an in-game-only Mercenary has been minted, its rarity is locked in forever and Immortal Emblems can no longer be used on that Mercenary.

Immortal Emblems (pictured — 100 Immortal Emblem pkg) are available in the Gala Games store.

Sinks: Balancing the Ecosystem

Eternal Paradox implements a system of token sinks, each of which causes ETIME tokens to be removed from circulation. These sinks primarily consist of in-app purchases, where players can utilize ETIME to acquire various in-game assets and upgrades. All spent ETIME tokens are burned, ensuring a balance between token issuance and utilization.

Please note that some items and upgrades will only be available for ETIME.

Sinks may include (but are not limited to):

  • Purchases of Mercenary NFTs
  • Mercenary Summoning
  • Land NFT Purchases
  • Land NFT Rentals
  • Fortress Upgrade Costs
  • Mercenary Upgrade Costs
  • Purchases of Immortal Emblems

For Casual and Competitive Gamers Alike

Eternal Paradox seamlessly integrates on-chain and off-chain assets, creating a captivating and rewarding experience for both casual and competitive gamers. The ETIME token serves as the cornerstone of this ecosystem, incentivizing participation, rewarding achievements, and fostering a dynamic and engaging environment. By encouraging social gameplay and collaboration, Eternal Paradox empowers players to conquer the battlefield and reap the rewards of their strategic prowess.

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NOTE: All details in this Litepaper are subject to change — Changes will be logged in this area when the Litepaper is updated

12/8/23 — Edited “Daily Rewards” section to indicate that the top 500 ranked players receive daily rewards.

12/18/23 — “Arena” section of Seasonal rewards updated for specificity

12/18/23 — Daily rewards updated to top 1000 players (previous top 500)

12/18/23 — Rarity-based stat variation of owned Mercenaries compared to in-game-only Mercenaries updated to 30% (previously 60%)

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1/21/24 — Added additional ways to gain DPP under “Daily Rewards”