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New Year, New Champions

January 2, 2024
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Thanks for a great 2023 Champions Arena! We’ve got 3 new Champions ready for 2024 right away!

A whole new year begins in the arena, and you have got to be ready!

All new Champions are joining the fight in 2024. Will these new combatants fight alongside your team, or oppose your dreams of glory? The battle continues to escalate in Champions Arena… be prepared to square off against tons of new threats as we enter a new era of the arena!

All three of these new Champions will enter the available pool for summons, each carrying a boost to their chances to celebrate their introduction. As a reminder, this means that when these Champions are introduced, there will be none available immediately until lucky Summoners get their hands on one!

Sun Wokong, The Monkey King

The child of the Great Rock of Astrakheim, Sun Wukong never carried much love for the priests and angels from that realm. Their fundamental differences created misunderstanding, then resentment.

When the great Temple fell was torn asunder by his hand, only his beloved tutor defended him. Spurned by all, The Monkey King now seeks to prove his indomitable strength and avenge himself and his only friend.

Normal Attack strikes out at a single enemy and gains you +1 mana. A color match will boost the mana gain to 2.

Boundless Strikes release a powerful blow on a single enemy. A color match will buff your Crit Rate before the attack.

Heaven Crusher unleashes a massive slam on all opponents, with a color match buffing your crit before the attack.

Decoy allows Sun Wokong to utilize his powers of mischief to summon clones of himself into battle. As The Monkey King is dealt damage, clones will be consumed to limit his injuries. Each time Sun Wokong or an ally lands a critical strike, a new clone will be generated.

Violet, Queen of Enchantment

All creatures feed. Does that make them all evil? The succubi need the humans… but the chaos now prevents them from accepting the sweet dreams provided for a succubus to dine.

Violet knows the path. She must help the world be rid of this chaos if the succubi are to survive. Is it predator assisting prey or the act of a passionate and ancient symbiosis?

Normal Attack lashes out at a single enemy, dealing damage and generating one mana. A color match boosts the mana gain to two.

Blood Temptation enchants a single foe, dealing damage based on Attack. A color match will cause the opponent both Attack Down and Damage Reduction debuffs.

Fatal Temptation unleashes terror and changes her ambience aura from Queen of Enchantment. This deals damage to all opponents while increasing both her turn gauge and that of the allied Champion with the highest Attack. A color match will boost the damage against enemies even further.

Queen of Enchantment shrouds Violet in strong magic, affecting every enemy combatant. As long as she remains in the battle, her ambience will cause a debuff on all enemies. Each time she uses Fatal Temptation, the effect this ability has on opponents changes.

Naomi, Traveling Arms Dealer

Naomi offers her customers two critical things: a wide and authentic smile, and the best equipment to protect, maim, incinerate, repel or otherwise wage warfare anywhere! Well, not exactly anywhere. The best you’ll find right here though!

Wherever there’s conflict, Naomi is there with a smile and a firm handshake — always ready to make a deal. Sure, there’s people with more cutting edge products, but do you see them setting up shop in this siege? Naomi’s gear is reliable, innovative and effective… and she’s willing to travel to whatever war she needs to so she can prove it.

Normal Attack strikes a single opponent, dealing damage based on the highest Attack among Naomi’s allies and generates one mana. A color match increases mana gain to two.

Bomb Toss deals damage based on the highest Attack on Naomi’s team to one enemy and generates one mana. A card match will inflict Resist Down on the opponent.

Broadside Barrage deals damage based on the Attack of Naomi’s hardest hitting ally to all enemies while also increasing the duration of all debuffs on enemies. A color match will inflict a Take More Damage debuff on the unfortunate enemies as well.

Industrious Merchant keeps Naomi and her team setting the pace of battle. Every time a debuff is inflicted on an enemy, Both Naomi and the ally with the highest attack will get a boost to their Turn Gauge.

The Celebration Continues

These aren’t the only new Champs around, as we have Agna who came into play from the Christmas sale! You may also catch a glimpse of Tempest in Mayhem, as they’re now storming their way into raids.

The issue with Mayhem records not counting in the Christmas event has been fixed, and we’ve reduced the number of missions required in the remaining days to account for this. All players will receive 3000 stockings as an apology for this issue.

In the spirit of celebration, we’ve also extended the holiday login event. Thank you all for an excellent 2023… and an exciting 2024 on the horizon!