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Early Access Extractions | Gala Plays Last Expedition

January 5, 2024
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Join us for 2 hours of Last Expedition gameplay at 2pm PT on Youtube for a chance to grab an Early Access Token!

With the latest early access build running full throttle for all Hunter’s Early Access Token holders, it’s time to build up those Last Expedition chops. If you don’t start practicing soon, the Ravagers, Snappers and Porcupines will tear you apart–and they’re only the beginning of the horrors that this hostile and mysterious alien planet will throw at you.

The stream starts soon–Set a notification at the link:

Come die– I mean play with us. The challenge will be met by a handful of Gala Games team members, and this is your chance to show them what you’re made of. Don’t be surprised though if you put us to shame. We spend most of our time making games, so there’s not always a lot of time to play them. That’s why we love to come together for Gala Plays streaming events.

Your host will enjoy the game in spectator mode, with extensive audio commentary (talking about players as they die and the predators who kill them) and the ability to toggle between all players in the mission. This mode makes an especially compelling front row seat when players are surrounded, swarmed and eaten.

Watch the stream to find out which server we’ll take on, and once we have filled the first mission to a total of 16 players (from the community and the team) we’ll launch the shuttle and all hell will break loose. Once we get going, make sure you stay in the game, because you’ll probably lose your spot if you exit while we’re streaming.

Download the Game

Once you have a Hunter’s Early Access Token in your GalaChain inventory, you’ll have the ability to download the game via Additionally, you need a free Epic Games account, with which you’ll log into the early access build.

You want a Hunter’s Early Access Token in your wallet.

Win Early Access

During today’s stream, we’re ready to hand out Hunter’s Early Access Tokens to four aspiring hunters who don’t yet have access, but you’ll have to tune in live to be eligible for the giveaway!

We’re also streaming Last Expedition next Friday, so look for additional opportunities (especially in Discord) to unlock early access and get in the game before then.

After today’s stream, drop a shoutout for the hunter that carried the day in the galaxian-shoutouts Discord channel!

Prepare for ExtrACTION

Once the four teams of four drop into their chosen dropzones on the unforgiving planet of Aura, it’s a mad race against predators and players to mine resources, acquire core fragments and extract with the coveted Notari Core. Only one team can get out alive, and sometimes the aliens win.

Your team will have to work together and use every tool available to get the job done. This includes on-the-go crafting of high tech weapons and ammo, constant communication, and coordinated bubbling to locate resources and core fragments.

Once the first team has collected three fragments, the location of the Core is revealed and the final rush is on. Once the Core has been secured, it’s a mad dash to the dropship, upon which all enemies will quickly converge–players and aliens alike. Don’t assume that obtaining the Core means that you’re safe.

Friday, January 12th

Can’t make it today? Join us next Friday for another Gala Plays stream with Last Expedition. But we’ve got to warn you–we’ll be warmed up and hungry for Cores.

If you don’t yet have early access, get in the Discord and hit up your Last Expedition Node operator friends, who still may have some to spare. Otherwise, you can easily purchase the Hunter’s Early Access Pack right now in the Gala Games store, which includes a bonus rare “Ice” Skin for Specialist Hunter Alice Mackeye!

Buy Hunter’s Early Access Pack

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