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New Tournament Champion Reveal: Tineva

November 23, 2023
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Tineva is arriving through The Summoning Portal, and she’ll be here just in time for this weekend’s Tournament.

Tineva lay on the dusty ground trying to control her breath. She was bleeding out… she knew that. It would only happen faster if she couldn’t get her lungs to obey orders.

She tried to focus on a single spot on the gravel-covered floor of the plateau. The pain in her side was blinding. If only she could concentrate…

Staring at a single pebble, she watched a crimson puddle spread and overwhelm it. Curious… she wasn’t quite sure if that was her blood or if it previously belonged to any of the dozens of Malum’s soldiers. As she watched, the oozing red pool overtook the rock in its creeping flood. Soon, the rock was gone. Just as, Tineva imagined, she soon would be.

Having regained her focus and and wrestled back control of her body from her screaming nerves, Tineva rose to a seated position. Shooting pain. “Not yet.” She said to herself, gritting her teeth and steadying her breath against the overwhelming sensation.

Starting her breathing exercises, she surveyed the plateau. She saw at least 40 of Malum’s troops lying dead or dying around her. She became aware of dozens of painful wails around her…in her own pain, she hadn’t even noticed.

No reinforcements yet. Where were they? She’d have to do it on her own.

She tried to stand, but found that her legs would not hold her weight. After several stumbles and more shooting pain, Tineva laid back down on the dirt. Prone, she began dragging herself to the west side of the mountaintop. There, several large boulders towered over the vista. She did her best to focus on those rather than the streaking blood she left behind as she crawled to her goal.

Boom boom boom. The ground was shaking. She could feel it through her whole body… it made the stab wound in her side burn with pain and her vision blurred with each THUMP. An army on the march. She didn’t have long.

Halfway across the clearing now, but she was getting faint. The thumping was getting closer… coming up the pass on the south. She wouldn’t get there in time.

Suddenly, Tineva heard a roar overhead. The cavalry!? Three dragons streaked onto the plateau at full speed… just as the first soldiers poured out of the pass. The dragons landed in between Tineva and them. She was so close… just a little further.

The dragonriders dismounted and both they and their wyrms got to work. They paid no attention to Tineva — no time. They were giving everything they had to keep the enemy away so she could finish the mission.

Just a few more clawlengths and she’d be there! She heard a piercing scream behind her… Darius had fallen. A pained roar afterwards let her know that his mount had joined him. They weren’t going to be able to hold them off long enough.

Tineva stopped and began her breathing exercises again. They needed her help. She stared into the bloody mud building up underneath her, gathering her strength. As her focus grew, the pain faded again and she let only her breath occupy her mind.

Suddenly a great flash shot out from her nearly broken body. It engulfed the warriors protecting her, who felt reinvigorated. Their swords went into a frenzy, renewed by Tineva’s magic. She herself felt a burst of energy. She could do this.

One more scream behind her. Not long now, but she was already at the rocks! She forced herself to scale the one she was after. There, in a nook between two boulders was the device!

She glanced over her shoulder. Carmella met her eyes, now standing alone against the oncoming forces. They silently nodded at each other before Carmella and her Lifedrinker surged forward, pushing Malum’s troops back into the pass.

Tineva grabbed the handle on the awkward wooden device and pushed down with all her might. A mighty explosion rang out from all around her, and she looked back just in time to see a landslide cover the southern entrance to the peak… both Carmella and Malum’s forces were buried underneath.

Tineva rolled off the rock and slumped to the ground, making no effort to hold back the pain as the blood still gushed from her side.

She lay staring at the sky. Victory. No attempts to control her breathing now… she panted and wheezed as each breath came harder and harder. She was starting to get cold.

The sound of a sudden laugh surprised Tineva. At first she thought someone was still alive in the carnage… but the laugh was coming from her own throat. As the adrenaline left her body, the feeling was irresistible and her bellowing laughter rang out from the mountain top. One dying woman, laughing like she was mad, laying amongst countless dead enemies.

Tineva walked out of The Summoning Portal still laughing.

Red Tournament Champion: Tineva

The days of the tournament field were Tineva’s most treasured moments, but war has a way of taking those things from someone. From years of leading disparate pockets of resistance, Tineva became a hardened general, but never forgot her time in the arena.

Tineva is a master of the Uproar. Her ability to lead her troops is beyond compare, and her rallying cry will inspire all allies who hear it to use their Abilities much more effectively and cause more devastation the te enemies that stand in their way.

Tineva will arrive on Thursday, November 23th in time for the next Tournament! Are you ready?

Tournament Champions at the Ready!

As usual with a new Hero, Tineva will have a 10x modifier to all Tournament and Dragon Strike damage that will scale down gradually to a 5x modifier for the Legendary version.

The Rare Tineva will have a 5x modifier for all Tournament and Dragon Strike damage that will scale down gradually to a 2x modifier, where it will eventually remain permanently.

Like other Heroes before, Tineva is available all week as a possible bonus summon and will enter the permanent summoning pool.

Tineva will be a great help in this weekend’s Yellow Tournament. Don’t miss out on this new hero!

Coming up next week is a Purple Dragon Strike… What hero will be unveiled then?