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Hatch eggs and get…Feathers?!?!?

November 23, 2023
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New Features Live in Get Plucked

Get Plucked, the debut mobile game from the cluck-tastic VOX team, has officially taken flight on both iOS and Android! If you haven’t joined the peck-tacular fun yet, now’s your clucking chance! Dodge cars, cacti, and other obstacles to wing your way up the leaderboard and vie for weekly prizes.

The Roost of Giving

The egg-stravaganza behind Get Plucked has a dual purpose: to serve as a testing bed for VOXverse assets and to reward egg-stremely loyal VOX owners.

That’s why we’re kicking off a special competition for VOX Owners on Wednesday, November 22nd 2023 at 10 AM PT.

You’ll have exactly one week to peck out your place on the leaderboard. The top players (200 VOX Owners and 3 free-to-play players that don’t own a VOX) will share a prize pool worth $5,000 in $GALA.

And because we egg-specially adore all of you, we’re cracking open another contest starting Wednesday, November 29th, for an additional $5,000 in $GALA.

Download the game and read the official rules here

To qualify for weekly contests, login using your Gala account linked with a web3 wallet. Strut your stuff, and you’ll start leveling up and unlocking eggs faster than a chicken crossing the road.

Eggs and Feathers

Every time you play a game, you’ll earn experience, no matter how swiftly your virtual wings are clipped. Each level-up gives you the egg-squisite opportunity to hatch a new egg. The chick that emerges leaves behind a clutch of Feathers for you.

Feathers are the in-game currency of Get Plucked. Use your Feathers to purchase new Chickens that you’ll be able to play with. Coming soon, different Chickens will have eggstra special power-ups to give you more of an egg-vantage, so you’ll want to collect as many different types of Chickens as possible.

Here’s the peck-down of the inaugural Chickens you can unlock:

Common (400 Feathers)

Baron Beaksworth
Caesar Eggustus
Feathery Fists
Chicken of the Well
Jason Voorhens
Billy the Chicken

Uncommon (3,000 Feathers)

Hen in Black
Hendiana Jones
The Nugmare

Rare (10,000 Feathers)

Barbie Henicent
Egg Sagi Tsukino

Epic (60,000 Feathers)

Feral Featherhead

Legendary (250,000 Feathers)

The Grim Beaker

The Chickens purchased with Feathers in Get Plucked are more than just digital delights — they’ll help gather resources in VOXverse. Keep an eye out for more unlockable Chickens coming soon.

But wait, there’s an eggstra surprise nesting on the Get Plucked roadmap that’s yet to be unveiled. Keep your wings flapping in the game and roost in our Discord for the freshest updates from the chicken coop! DISCORD