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Happy Thanksgiving | Feast on Gala Games Deals

November 24, 2023
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We’re thankful for YOU, gobble up a free Mystery Box NOW and shop the sales with these coupon codes!

We have a lot to be thankful for at Gala:

We’re building up the most developer-friendly web3 ecosystem in the world, built for games first, but ready to power all sorts of innovations and industries. Thanks for making it possible!

We’ve got the greatest community you’ll find anywhere in the entertainment world. Thanks for being part of it!

We already have tons of great entertainment experiences for you to enjoy, but there are so many more on the way. Thanks for your patience while we build!

To summarize… We’re thankful to you, our fabulous community of early adopters. In celebration of this fact, we’re offering a special Thanksgiving Mystery Box absolutely free to each and every one of you.

How to Claim Yours

To claim, just check your email and find the one with the subject GOBBLE GOBBLE Free Stuff. In that email, you’ll find a special link that will take you directly to the claim and open page for your Mystery Box!

Inside the box, you’ll find some BEAMS (for Gala Music), some POPCORN! (for Gala Film), and an in-game item from Gala Games! As a special bonus, anyone who’s purchased anything in the Gala store (as of a snapshot taken earlier this week) will receive more BEAMS and a chance to receive a rarer in-game item!

Click that link by November 30th to free your freebies, or else lose the opportunity. With a feat this delicious, we couldn’t possibly leave food on the table!

Mystery Boxes on Sale

Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum Mystery Boxes are still available in the store, and with the code below 👇 you can grab an extra 25% off any of them!

Shop Black Friday Deals

Black Friday Sales + Codes

A huge selection of items in the Gala store have been marked down for Black Friday, so be sure to stop by the platform store and check them out!

With the exception of the extended Chip Pack sale for PokerGO Play, all Black Friday sales are valid through Monday, November 27th.

Platinum Mystery Box

Gala Mystery Boxes — Code GALABF25

Use Code GALABF25 to get 25% off any rarity of Mystery Box in the Gala Games store!

White Tiger

Meow Match

Cuddle your own White Tiger or Toyger kitten for 25% off, with no coupon code required!

Gem Pack VII

Champions Arena

Purchase a Gem Package in the Gala Games store to get a free in-game-only Champion Box! Spend $100 and get an Epic Box, spend $250 and get a free Legendary Champion Box!

Shop Black Friday Deals

Prepper Pack — 80% Off!

The Walking Dead: Empires — Code GALABF25

Shop a bunch of different items that will help your fight for survival in the world of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Georgia Arsenals (Epic, Legendary, Ancient), Georgia Labs (Uncommon, Epic, Legendary), and Georgia Forges (Epic, Legendary, Ancient) are all 25% off through next Monday, 11/27, and Prepper Packs are marked down by a massive 75% off retail!

Common Ground World

Check out all these awesome CGW items… Take your pick for 30% off at checkout with no coupon code required:

  • Big Oak Shed
  • Epic Copper Smith
  • Legendary Fabric Plant
  • Mama Panner
  • Master Copper Smith
  • Rare Winery
  • Wizards Workshop
  • Big Pantry
  • Cake Storage
  • Natural Energy Plant
  • Papa Panner
  • Platinum Easy Dough Bakery
  • Quick Builder
  • Trinity Gem Works
  • Epic Turbo Pump
  • Rare Turbo Pump
  • Valentine’s Stand
Rare Sniper Rifle


All standalone Tank Parts currently in the store are marked down 30%, additional to any current discounts! To access the additional discount, use code SPTBFTANKS

It gets even better. Get a sweet 75% discount on ALL Upgrade Components and Arachnium items by using code SPTBFCOMPONENTS

6M Chip Pack

PokerGO Play

Shuffle up and deal with a smooth 25% discount on ALL Chip Packs in the Gala Games store. No code is necessary, and the discount is available through Thursday, November 30th, 2023!

This is a BIG SALE, so don’t miss out! Set your sights on something that will level up your gaming experience!

Shop Black Friday Deals

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