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Aiden’s Call 1: Guardian’s Crest

November 27, 2023
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A wilderness trial shapes the destiny of a young leader in this thrilling origin tale of courage and destiny.

There are few in Elysium with a noble heart like Aiden’s. As the one who carries on the legacy of the Guardian Angels Mercenary clan, Aiden has seen both fame and notoriety. Those whom the Guardians have assisted are eternally grateful and owe their lives to the clan. Those who have not yet experienced the clan’s selfless saving power are doubtful at best, and outright hateful at worst of this strange Mercenary clan.

Of course, not everyone agrees with good for the sake of good. Evil exists in the hearts of many people, in our world as well as Elysium. Therefore the Guardian Angels have also learned to defend and destroy when necessary. As Aiden’s father often said, when there is no recourse, evil must be blotted out from the world without mercy or hesitation.

Typically a clan of Mercenaries exists to help itself and its members, but the mission of the Guardian Angels is to protect the innocent and the weak, the orphans and the widows, those for whom life has been hard. Elysium was good to Aiden’s family, allowing them to organize a new type of clan, one that builds its ranks through service and charity, like the Arthurian knights of legend in this world.

Aiden’s story begins when he was only 16, when he was anointed by the Aigles from above to prosper the clan of his father for the peace and glory of all Elysium.

Each youth in the clan must face a wilderness challenge shortly after their sixteenth birthday, called the Journey of the Spirit. The seven day and night fast takes the youth unarmed through some of the most unforgiving terrain on the continent. For Aiden’s journey, a mighty storm followed him the entire way. By evening of the seventh day, after facing a mighty and ravenous crow, Aiden was hurt and disheartened. His journey was nearly over, but he wondered if he truly had the mettle and the heart to lead.

Just then an eagle flew over his head and spoke to Aiden in the voice of the wind. “Take heart,” it said, “for your battle is not on the ground, but in the air.” The eagle flapped its wings once and a cloud formed. Then the cloud became an image of the great shield that would become known as the Guardian’s Crest, the heart of the Guardian Angels. The storm finally broke, and Aiden was filled with peace and confidence as he had never felt before; the strength to persevere entered his body. He no longer doubted or feared his life’s purpose.

Though to this day Aiden does not fully understand the meaning of the eagle’s prophecy, he does his best to live by it. Following his vision, Aiden’s father was visited by an eagle as well, which told him to pass the reigns to his noble son for the good of the clan and for the good of all Elysium.

Song of Aiden | Part 1

Alone in the wild, with wings beating true,
An eagle above was there sent to renew
A servant of servants who felt for the lost,
And looked for a path through the trials he crossed.

The Guardians Angels, whose deeds are renowned,
Protect all the innocent on sacred ground.
Yet not all who breathe will so welcome such grace,
For some doubt their purpose and shun their embrace.

For evil’s grim shadow, it lurks and it thrives,
In Elysium’s depths, where the darkness connives.
To combat this shadow, the Guardians stand,
Defenders of justice, with unwavering hand.

When Aiden arose, at his sixteen years’ call,
He was blessed by the Aigles to lead and enthrall.
In Journey of Spirit, a test of his might,
He fought seven days, through the darkness’s blight.

Unarmed he ventured, through wilderness dread,
A mighty storm raging and close at his head.
Battered and bruised by a crow’s fierce attack,
Regret filled his heart and his spirit did lack.

But skyward an Aigle, with golden wings grand,
Whispered in wind’s voice a soothing command:
“Your battle lies not on the sullen, dry ground,
But soaring above, where true valor is found.”

A cloud then transformed to a shimmering shield:
The Guardian’s Crest, and a purpose revealed.
Peace and assurance, a newfound delight,
Filled Aiden with wonder before the dark night.

Though prophecy’s meaning is veiled in mystique,
The ones who shall hear are the ones who shall seek.
His father’s new vision, a bright guiding call,
To lead then the Guardian Angels for all.

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Aiden’s Call 2: Earning His Wings

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