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New Dragon Slayer Reveal: Zuriya

August 9, 2023
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The all-new hero Zuriya will arrive soon for this weekend’s Dragon Strike event!

Live to Fight Another Day

Zuriya gripped the leather lashed around her poleaxe tightly. Her wounds were deep, but she’d live. She looked around her at the chaos. Friend and foe alike lay scattered — all still. Was she the only one left?

The forces of Malum had come out of nowhere. In such a remote outpost they’d stood little chance. Zuriya had survived, but she knew she wasn’t their objective. Still, her warriors had made them pay dearly for the ancient relics that they’d come to steal. Each had cut down dozens before falling. No Guardian could ask for a more honorable death.

How long had she been unconscious? Malum’s army would surely march to the castle to use their own ancestral weapons against them. Was she already too late?

Just then a strange feeling took hold of Zuriya. It began in her chest as a warm swell but quickly spread, pulsing outward through her arms.

A smile slowly spread across her face. “The Summoning Portal…” she mused to herself as blue lights flickered from her fingertips into a swirling pool growing on the ground. “Too late maybe, but perhaps there is yet hope.”

Straightening herself as best she could, Zuriya took a long look around the battlefield, still hoping to see some other survivors. She found none.

“To the next battle.” she sighed, jumping into the shimmering portal at her feet.

Red Dragon Slayer Hero: Zuriya

Zuriya has spent her whole life training for war… but always in pursuit of peace. Her true passion isn’t blood lust, but protecting and bolstering her allies. Her choice of weapon illustrates this perfectly. She’s capable of doing tremendous damage to dragons or enemy heroes, but she also is able to use her superior reach to create openings for allies to exploit.

Zuriya is a master of the Ability Mesmerize. Using a wide sweep of her axe, she deals a blow to all enemies simultaneously, charming foes and inspiring allies for a short duration. While under this effect allies will have increased Ability Speed and steal life from opponents with their attacks.

Zuriya will arrive on Thursday, August 10th for the next Dragon Strike event. Are you ready?

Dragon Slayers, Attack!

As usual with a new Hero, Zuriya will have a 10x modifier to all Tournament and Dragon Strike damage that will scale down gradually to a 5x modifier for the Legendary version.

The Rare Zuriya will have a 5x modifier for all Tournament and Dragon Strike damage that will scale down gradually to a 2x modifier, where it will eventually remain permanently.

Like other Heroes before her, Zuriya is available all week as a possible bonus summon and will enter the permanent summoning pool.

Zuriya could be a great help in this weekend’s Dragon Strike. Don’t miss this all-new hero!

Coming up next week is a Purple Tournament… What hero will be unveiled then?