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Happy VOXiversary!

August 11, 2023
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From Milestones to Magic: A Year of VOX Evolution

It’s a time for celebration as we gather to commemorate the incredible second anniversary of VOX — a journey that has been characterized by remarkable achievements, steady growth, an amazing community, and an unwavering commitment to pushing the limits of creative exploration.

A Year of Continued Progress

The debut of Souls utility in VOX Odyssey sparked a surge of excitement throughout our community. A significant milestone was reached through this integration, enabling you to attach a Soul to any VOX within the game. This incorporation elevates your XP gain for specific stats and enriches the complexity and tactics of your gameplay.

Adding a touch of magic to our journey this year was the introduction of our fourth series — DreamWorks Trolls VOX, cementing our partnership with DreamWorks. This exciting collaboration transformed the beloved characters from the DreamWorks universe into captivating NFTs.

The spotlight shone on DreamWorks Trolls VOX, making their mark on the first VOX hoodie — just the beginning of an exciting lineup of merch. The VOX Squad proudly marked its place as the pioneering web3 presence at New York Comic Con, sharing high-quality hoodies with a handful of lucky community members.

During the festive season, we unveiled our Holiday Mystery Boxes, packed with VOX, VOXverse land parcels, and VOX Odyssey resource packs. A limited collection of 1,888 boxes vanished off the shelves in record-breaking minutes, igniting a holiday frenzy!

May Mayhem brought a delightful surprise to all VOX holders — adorable chicken companions. These companions are set to become playable characters in our upcoming mobile game, Get Plucked. These charming chickens will also play a role in helping you gather resources within the vast expanse of VOXverse, showcasing the interconnected nature of our evolving ecosystem.

Finally, we unleashed the new direction of the VOX brand to represent our growth from a new PFP project to a ubiquitous metaversal presence. Our rebrand unveils a universe of wonder, from our emblematic logo representing the voxels that shape our world to the captivating VOXish language adding intrigue. With a bold typeface for instant recognition and striking orange hues, our immersive experience is further enhanced by high-quality voxel art and distinct audio.

Ahead of the Curve: What’s Next

Get ready for the highly anticipated debut of Get Plucked, arriving this summer. Immerse yourself in the excitement of controlling your owned chickens, navigating them through perilous obstacles, and be on the lookout on how to add even more distinct poultry pals to your collection. Keep your gaming spirits high as you compete for egg-citing weekly prizes!

The first VOXverse playable is also on the horizon. This sneak peek will grant you the opportunity to delve into some of the mechanics that will be featured in VOXverse. And that’s not all — brace yourself for the much-anticipated land rush, an immersive story-driven experience designed to unveil the intricate layers of VOXverse’s lore.

For the next two weeks, all VOX will experience a 20% increase in XP gain in VOX Odyssey. All you need is a single VOX to jump into the action! It’s the perfect opportunity to embark on your resource-gathering journey and stockpile those valuable materials.

Gifts For You

No celebration is complete without some fabulous presents! Keep those peepers peeled on Discord and Twitter for your shot at some exclusive treats.

The festivities are still sizzling on Discord with our weekly chicken giveaways, set to keep the fun rolling right up until the grand Get Plucked release. This week, your luck might soar as you aim to snag a Legendary Elvis Eggsley chicken!

And don’t miss a beat — take a quick peek into your Gala Treasure Chest. Soon, we will be dropping commemorative VOX Squad NFTs, a heartfelt gesture to express our gratitude to our loyal VOX community members. Your support means the world to us, and this is just a small cluck of appreciation in return!

Time to flock together on Discord and ruffle some feathers as we talk about the fantastic celebrations! See you there!