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New Dragon Slayer Reveal: Pala

November 2, 2023
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The new Hero Pala will soon appear in Dragon Strike: Puzzle RPG in time for this week’s Dragon Strike event!

Pala slipped through the open window, still securing the small jars of precious cargo in the leather sack slung across her shoulder. Emerging into the crisp night air, she quickly slid down the wet thatch of the roof, dropping silently into the empty streets below.

She rolled away from the edifice of the stone building. She darted across the dusty street, which was still eagerly drinking the summer rain that was so rare in Sartoland. She gave a quick glance around to make sure no one had spotted her, then stood and ran down the steep embankment towards the river.

Without hesitation she jumped headlong into the roaring waters, gripping the bag tightly under her shoulder. She didn’t quite swim downriver so much as bounce. To be expected. She’d be sore tomorrow, but as long as she kept her plunder safe….

The town bell rang out sharply. She glanced at the shoreline between collisions with rocks. A little over halfway there. Was she getting faster at this or were they getting slower at noticing?

Pala limped through the passageway of the cave. She was feeling particularly bruised this time. With the rain, the river had been much rougher on her than it typically was. She had already dropped off the food she’d stolen in the commissary. They didn’t have enough to feed all the volunteers… this would help, but she’d wish she could’ve gotten more.

Her work was the most important, though. She was happy to grab what she could, but the alchemical repository was always the main target. All their efforts would be for nothing if she couldn’t perfect her formula before the uprising.

Finally back in her lab, she supported her aching bones on the corner of her workstation while she delicately extracted five jars from the sack. She lined them up several clawlengths apart and took a deep breath.

Her last experiment had yielded the most potent compound yet. Mystic Powder 75a.3 was its classification in her logs, but it was lacking scalability. It produced unbelievable results extracting all heat from a localized area, but she needed that effect but wider. They needed their message to be heard, and she was supposed to deliver something that no one could ignore.

Still, with those successes, she was sure she was close. All her experimentation had pointed to these five specific compounds. She just needed to perfect the proportions.

She set to work quickly measuring, mixing and documenting results. The mix of alchemical ice, Catol salts and mana dust seemed promising. Her beaker glowed a pulsing blue. Now was the critical stage. A dash of quicksilver and glacier core at precisely the same time should stabilize the effect and finalize the distillation. There wasn’t much time.

She grabbed her two remaining jars, certain that this would be the last attempt. No more burglary in the night, no more pummeling from river rocks. She grit her teeth in anticipation as she raised the uncorked jars to pour the slightest amount.

Her hands painfully chilled as she brought the jars above the mixture. It was about to rupture! It had to be now. She poured the slightest splash of each into the mixture. The chill was gone, the color faded to a deep blue glow. She’d done it!

Just then she saw it, but it was already far too late. A crack on the bottom of the jar containing the glacier core… it was spreading. It must’ve happened in the river! She moved the jar away, but the damage by the cold had already been done. The jar burst, with much of it dropping into the mixture.

Pala dove away from the table, but it helped nothing.

From the village Pala had been in just hours before, villagers left their breakfast tables to wander into the street. They stared with confusion and awe as the entire mountain that dominated their view to that side of the valley froze into solid ice in front of their very eyes.

Very peculiar weather for a summer indeed.

Pala, Dragon Slayer

Pala is brilliant, fierce and resilient. Her work takes precision and time… but her allies usually find the destructive power of Pala’s specific talents well worth having her around.

Pala is a master of the Ability Mystic Dust. This highly unstable compound can draw all heat out of a specific, localized area. This leaves a small lingering area of such an intense cold that few living things could survive it. Without perfecting the final formula, she can only use it on one enemy… but woe to any enemy that is.

Pala will arrive on Thursday, November 2nd for the next Dragon Strike event. Are you ready?

Dragon Slayers, Attack!

As usual with a new Hero, Pala will have a 10x modifier to all Tournament and Dragon Strike damage that will scale down gradually to a 5x modifier for the Legendary version.

The Rare Pala will have a 5x modifier for all Tournament and Dragon Strike damage that will scale down gradually to a 2x modifier, where it will eventually remain permanently.

Like other Heroes before, Pala is available all week as a possible bonus summon and will enter the permanent summoning pool.

Pala will be a great help in this weekend’s Dragon Strike. Don’t miss this new Hero!

Coming up next week is a Scorching Sun Tournament… What hero will be unveiled then?