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Spotlight: Luddy and Beatrice

November 4, 2023
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Today we’re diving into the strengths and potential strategies for two new Champions in the arena — Beatrice and Luddy!

We hope Season 6 is off to a great start for everyone. Have you managed to summon the new Champions yet? With boosted summon rates and boosted VP to welcome them to the arena, the time is now!

If you haven’t managed to find them yet, never fear! Today we’re going to dive a little deeper into the Legendary Champions Beatrice and Luddy’s skills so you’ll have some insight on how to both use these new Champions… and defeat them when they show up across the arena from you.

Beatrice, Knights of the Sky

As is expected of all Knights of the Sky, Beatrice is always vigilant!

Beatrice functions as a defender on teams, but is a little different from other tank types we’ve seen in the arena before. Her Normal Attack has the ability to reduce the opponent’s turn gauge, but this is just the start of her ability to control the battlefield.

Beatrice can taunt opponents with fairly reliable efficiency from her 2* attack, allowing you to get the attention on her much earlier than other defenders that need a 3* to start laying down taunts. Furthermore, her Angel Dive ability also boosts her block rate, meaning once you’ve got enemies taunted to you, she has what she needs to defend against them.

Her 3* ability pumps up the tank style even further, giving her three stacks of attract and granting Defense Up to all party members on card match. Combined with her 2* Taunt, this skill could mean that all eyes have to be on Beatrice for an entire turn if timed right.

The Passive Skill, Angel Counter, is what ties it all together. When she blocks an attack, she’ll activate Counter Stance, which will counterattack any enemy who assaults her and apply an Attack Down Debuff to them. She’ll also counterattack a random enemy every 4th time her allies are attacked!

Make no mistake, this is an angel of vengeance!

Luddy, Mechanic Hammer

Luddy knows that the right tool for the right job is important. Sometimes, the right tool is just a really, really BIG one.

Luddy is a mechanic, but that doesn’t mean she can’t do some serious damage. Destruction is part of construction, afterall.

Luddy’s attacks focus on dealing big damage based on her Attack stat, but each of her card match bonuses offer some shenanigans that can crank up her damage so high that it makes her ridiculously sized hammer look small.

Card match on her Normal Attack will grant extra Turn Gauge… essential to get her combos rolling fast in a match!

Orbital Swing is where it really starts to get interesting, as a card match there will activate her trademark Heavy Hammer buff. While this status is applied, Luddy will not crit ever. She will, however, gain 50% more attack. This means you don’t need to stack Crit for unreliable damage on Luddy — she can just build up pure Attack to massively scale this reliable % Attack boost.

Galaxy Hammer is a 3* AoE attack to all enemies that does respectable damage even without a card match. This ability’s card match only works when Luddy has Heavy Hammer. If it is applied while she carries this buff, she’ll further increase her damage by 30% and ignore 35% of target defense!

Her Passive Ability, Force Field Breaker, is another opportunity to boost Luddy’s damage. At the start of any turn where she has no debuffs on her, she’ll receive an automatic, one-action Attack Up Boost. This can stack with the Heavy Hammer buff to absolutely wreck the enemy.

Enter the Arena

Season 6 is well underway now. Hopefully this season will mean tons of glorious combat, serious loot and more powerful Champions for your arena team!

Don’t forget that Battlepass 3 was recently introduced! You can always claim rewards you’ve already qualified for on the Battlepass if you purchase it late, so it’s never too late to grab one.

Don’t forget about Valsharha, the new Champion in Battlepass 3!

Hopefully you encounter Luddy and Beatrice soon while summoning! Until then, now you at least know what to watch out for when you face these fierce Champions in the arena.

Good luck in your battles!