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GalaChain Levels Up: Partnering with DWF Labs for Ecosystem Growth

November 9, 2023
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This new strategic partnership will usher in a new phase of rapid growth for the adoption of our L1, GalaChain.

Since we hit the ground running with GalaChain across our Games, Music and Film platforms, Gala has been making tremendous strides. Here’s one for the history books that promises Gala greatness with the potential to onboard and empower billions of users.

Strategic Partnership with DWF Labs

On the evening of 11/8/23 (PT), it was announced by DWF Labs in this blog that a new strategic partnership with Gala has begun.

DWF Labs is a well-known and worldwide digital asset market maker, as well as a multistage web3 investment firm. They are one of the world’s largest high-frequency cryptocurrency trading entities, trading spot and derivatives markets on over 60 top exchanges.

This new strategic partnership means that Gala is ready to undertake massive and rapid expansion of our L1 blockchain, GalaChain. DWF Labs is strategically positioned to help us reach new visionaries, developers and investors, and we are incredibly eager to bring the first fruits of this partnership to our user base.

Wider Vision for GalaChain

You’ve known GalaChain as a “games-first” blockchain, built from the ground up by gaming and blockchain experts with a single unified vision: empowering its users like nothing before. What better way is there to illustrate the benefits of web3 tech than applying them like a tailored glove to a multi-billion dollar industry such as gaming?

As our early adopters already know, gaming lends itself incredibly well to cutting edge web3 applications. This is evident in our players’ ability to truly own the items they play with, the decentralized user-run Node networks behind the scenes, the intricacies of our play-for-rewards economies and much more. Gala Games has already replicated these ideas to branch out into Gala Music and Gala Film, creating a trifecta of web3 entertainment whose full benefits are too numerous to list in a blog.

GalaChain is built, tried and tested by an unstoppable team of experts and a rapidly growing user base of players, listeners and viewers. With plenty of games already fully live and many more on the way, we have learned what works and set the stage for the next big mission: onboarding a billion users to GalaChain.

1 Billion Users?

This may happen sooner than you think. In fact, this is precisely why we took such meticulous care in building GalaChain. When looked at from a wider perspective than simply powering games, it has the features and capabilities needed for a complete paradigm shift–We’re talking about the elusive “mass adoption” that has been thrown around so casually on crypto Twitter for several years now.

GalaChain is capable, scalable, and ready for the web3 developers of tomorrow, whose ideas today will completely reshape this landscape. We’re proud to have created the framework making it possible for these ideas to become a reality.

When we talk about 1 billion people using GalaChain, we aren’t just referring to games. We aren’t even limiting it to entertainment. Across multiple industries and in untold ways, GalaChain will provide developers with the tools they need to empower their users in the same ways we have empowered gamers.

When you start thinking about the possibilities for industries like travel, manufacturing, health care and social media (to only name a few), 1 billion users could be a mere stepping stone.

Welcome, DWF Labs!

We’re ready for some serious growth, and DWF Labs will be instrumental in the process. Their expertise in worldwide market making and cryptocurrency trade will position our L1 as a preeminent blockchain in the future of decentralized technology.

If you are a builder in the web3 space, GalaChain is the solution you have been waiting for.

If you’re a visionary in the web2 space and have not yet made the transition, these are still the early days of web3, so don’t worry. Risk is low and scalability is high–There is no better place for your company to make its web3 home than GalaChain.

If you’re an innovator with an incredible and brand new idea, join the conversation. Let’s connect and find out how GalaChain can make your dream a reality.