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Mr. Puddles is Making a Splash

August 12, 2021
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The newest Town Star NFT helper drops Thursday, August 12th!


  • Mr. Puddles drops tomorrow 8/12 @ 5pm PST in the Town Star Store
  • Early Access (1st 24 hours): 50% OFF!

Have you played Town Star lately? The weekly competition game of town and city builders is the flagship game from Gala Games, but it’s also a brilliantly designed challenge of strategy and competition from some of the same people who brought the world Farmville 2.

The beauty of being a blockchain gaming platform is in the freedom we can provide to gamers everywhere. The game is free to play, but players are also free to give themselves advantages by partaking in the various NFT items of the ecosystem. In Town Star alone, you can buy stands to continuously produce wheat and sugar, or you can buy a Water Tower or Fountain to provide passive water to your crops. You can earn an in-game boost to your whole town’s speed by deploying Mirandus-Themed Town Star skins. By owning helper bots such as ElfBot and SaltyBot, you can even raise the bar for labor in your town.

The newest bot to join the cast of Town Star characters is Mr. Puddles, the Waterbot. He operates similarly to the ElfBot and the SaltyBot, taking a particular interest in one resource: Water. Mr. Puddles emerges from his home as soon as there’s water to be delivered and a place to deliver it. He’ll take water to your fields, building sites, livestock ranches and industrial buildings, and he’ll do it much faster than the farmers, builders and workers on your land.

Mr. Puddles carries water faster than his uncle, Buggy Mr. Puddles.

Designing a Waterbot with Warren Marshall

The Sale

Thousands of Buggy Mr. Puddles NFTs were recently distributed to players who experienced tech problems during the first week of the May Mayhem tournament earlier this year. Now it’s time for a new NFT sale event for the squeaky clean, shiny and new Mr. Puddles.

Thursday, August 12th at 5pm PST.

Total Supply: 15,000
Distributed to node operators: 5%

Early Access — 50% off!

The first 24 hours of the sale will be considered early access, with all Mr. Puddles NFTs available for half price. After the 24 hour early access window, the price will increase to full retail for the remaining Mr. Puddles supply.

Early access is 5pm PST August 12 to 5 pm August 13.

The lower-than expected price of Mr. Puddles may come as a pleasant surprise to many of our players who may have missed NFT opportunities in the past. After receiving and responding to customer feedback, the team felt that it was time for a more affordable Town Star NFT. Mr. Puddles provides that without sacrificing incredible usefulness and an easy in-game advantage to those who use him. He is a helpful fellow.

Remember of course that Mr. Puddles (like all our NFTs) is a player-owned asset that can be traded between players or listed on Opensea. You can get your very own Mr. Puddles for half price starting tomorrow at 5pm EST. You can even pick up more than one, ensuring that you’ll have a dedicated robot water workforce in all your future Town Star towns. Talk about a game changer! Here’s a sneak peak at the Mr. Puddles Mirandus-themed character skin, which will be included in next week’s release of Pack 10!

Be on the lookout for a hot new Town Star surprise item drop coming very soon. This one will give new meaning to the phrase “player empowerment.”

There is a LOT more coming for the Gala Games ecosystem, so make sure to keep in touch, watch the Discord community and get ready for more interesting news! Follow Gala Games on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Join at Gala.Games!