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Echoes of Empire — A Proposal

August 12, 2021
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As part of our master plan to empower players by building the largest decentralized network of games in the world, Gala Games is happy to announce the next game for your consideration to join our ecosystem: Echoes of Empire!

This game is breathtakingly beautiful, cosmic scale strategy adventure at its absolute finest. EOE’s amazing art and style alone would have had our attention. Other factors such as depth of story, exquisite design, a unique world and limitless possibilities made Echoes of Empire absolutely perfect for the Gala Games ecosystem. This is why we submit for the approval of our node operators the following proposal.

Project Name: Echoes of Empire

Game Developer: ION Games

Genre: Strategy/4X

Node Drop Mechanism: Up to 8.5% of all NFTs/Tokens Dropped to Node Operators based on the number of nodes online (More Nodes = Heavier Drops)

Final Release Date: Estimated Q2 2022

In a distant future within a galaxy not unlike our own, humankind has expanded well beyond their terrestrial origins and set up a sprawling empire that touches the darkest corners of the galaxy. This great empire has prospered for over a millennia, ruled by the oldest, continuous hereditary monarchy in known history.

In a moment, this celestial renaissance was suddenly torn asunder. The Emperor has died under suspicious circumstances. His vast colonies and outposts, ruled by generations of cosmic high-born, are engulfed in a galactic civil war, and you, a member of a small aristocratic family at the edge of known space, are thrust into the burgeoning conflict.

Pledge your allegiance to one of the warring factions. Explore, trade, build an armada, consolidate your power and look to leave your mark among the stars as the next galactic emperor.

Learn more about the world of Echoes of Empire in THIS POST, written by ION Games, the developers of the game.

Potential Voting Options

Question: Should Echoes of Empire be included in the Gala Games Ecosystem?

  • YES — A vote for including Echoes of Empire in the Gala Games Ecosystem
  • NO — A vote against including Echoes of Empire in the Gala Games Ecosystem
  • ABSTAIN — A vote showing no preference

To Vote: Open your Gala Game Node Software (PC/Mac) and click on the “Voting” tab

Voting Duration: The Node Vote will run from 5pm PT on Tuesday, August 10th until 5pm on Friday, August 13th.

Requirement to Pass: Simple Majority of Votes Cast

4X Strategy

4x is the abbreviated name for a subgenre of strategy games in which players win by Exploring, Expanding, Exploiting, and Exterminating. Because of its vastness and limitless possibilities, space is a perfect example of a 4x game setting. It is full of endless danger, incalculable unknowns and limitless conflicts. 4X games encompass complex interaction between players, whether it’s waging war between guilds, player trade, raiding bases or capturing mines. This complex and intricate world is a perfect platform to create an enticing NFT strategy and offer players a wide spectrum play-to-earn gaming within the EOE world.

Multiple Layers of Ownership

In Echoes of Empires, players will mine resources on their own planets. You’ll also be able to issue mining permits to other players, renting out the right to mine your land for passive income. Upgrade and expand your base to create epic spaceships of your very own.

The complexity of 4x strategy allows additional reward structures to exist around social elements, like Guild Token and Royal Peerage. Guild Token will enable you to form a Guild. The larger your Guild, the greater your chance of becoming the most powerful house in the galaxy.

Land Claim — Venture into the foreboding galactic frontier of Maffei and claim your place among the stars. You can harness exotic resources, expand your intergalactic empire, or construct the greatest Armadas. Only the most powerful will ensure that their legacy endures!

Guild Token — A Guild’s authority comes from three mighty houses within the Maffei Galaxy. Will you form a Military Guild and empower your legions and armadas, or a Guild of Commerce that will give you access to new markets and enhanced trade presence? Perhaps you will give rise to a Noble Guild, expanding your sphere of influence, and receiving even greater treasures as tribute. With the power of your Guild behind you, you will be ready to face the galaxy!

Royal Peerage — Declare your Sovereignty! As is your privilege, guide your grand dynasty as it expands throughout the Maffei Galaxy. Claim lordship over your sector of space as a member of the Royal Peerage, accumulating favor and generating more influence and power for the future of your people!

Gala Games Goes Galactic!

We are extremely excited to bring you such a massive and player-empowering game as Echoes of Empire. We believe it will be a 4x strategist’s dream, as well as an incredible and compelling experience for first-timers.

All you node operators, make sure to cast your vote in the next 3 days, and stay tuned for more updates from Echoes of Empire and the team at ION Games.

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