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VOX: A New Type of Drop and the Gala Games Promise

August 13, 2021
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Gala Games has made a name for itself doing things differently. From the perspective of mainstream gaming, we have differentiated ourselves by asking what would happen if people were able to actually OWN their in-game assets. From a blockchain perspective, we have gone in new directions again and again. Often, people have gotten quite salty with some of what we have done, but we just keep on working and innovating. This is not going to change.

Tuesday’s VOX drop was very much a return to purist NFT-tech or the ERC-721 as an homage to the NFT greats in the world…the CryptoPunks and CryptoKitties of NFT history. However, while the pure form was retained, Ethereum showed that it was not quite as well suited for this type of sale as it once was. Additionally, several factors, such as verifying the contract and revealing it beforehand (which was designed to allow the community to see the contract first), creating opportunities for people to jump to the front of the line and sidestep some of the protections we had put in place to serve the community.

The whole drop sold out in 8 minutes, which is a massive success. However, it left a LOT of people out in the cold who wanted to get their hands on some VOX goodness, but were unable to get any.

In the past, we had other drops, such as the Potions for Mirandus, which sold out in minutes as well. While we had only intended to sell 50% of the potions, we filled orders with the remaining 50% and refunded other orders. We have made a reputation for always doing our best to serve the community. A project is nothing without the community behind it, and we want to make sure that the community understands that we know the vital role they play in growing the world’s largest decentralized gaming ecosystem.

So, with this in mind, we would like to address the pain many felt as their VOX transactions failed or got crowded out. It is no surprise that there will be another VOX series focused around Mirandus, so what we have decided to do is this: For each failed transaction that hit the VOX contract, we will be tallying the amount of ETH spent in gas fees and dropping ERC-1155 tickets that will be worth one VOX in the Mirandus VOX drop. This means that users can share these tickets, give them as gifts, or sell them on the open market. In the days before the Mirandus VOX drop, a snapshot will be taken of these ERC-1155 tickets, and the address holding those tickets will be whitelisted for that number of Mirandus VOX. While these VOX will be free, users will still need to pay the ETH gas to operate the contract. However, they will be able to do so before the contract opens for sale to the general public via a smart contract whitelist. Additionally, some of these ERC-1155 tokens will be dropped to the Gala Games Node Ecosystem.

The average cost of a VOX + gas was about $750…but we feel that is a bit high. So, if you had a failed transaction that was initiated before the VOX sold out and confirmed within 24 hours of the drop, you will receive one ticket for each $400 (or portion thereof) in gas fees spent on transactions from the moment the contract opened for minting. For example, if a particular wallet attempted to purchase and spent $1950 in gas fees, they would receive 5 tickets while a user wallet that spent $350 in gas in an unsuccessful transaction would receive one ticket. These numbers are in aggregate per address, not per transaction.

These tickets will be tradeable, and will be captured in a snapshot at a future date before the VOX Mirandus drop.

Note on Cancelled Transactions: If you had a cancelled transaction, you can also be included for the gas fee for the replacement transaction. However, you MUST fill out the “VOX Cancelled Transaction Form.” Please fill this out even if you have filled out the previous form. We have no way to see your cancelled transactions unless you tell us, so you MUST fill out the form.

We recognize that this isn’t the perfect solution that everyone wanted, but it at least addresses the lost gas fees on failed transactions. We are moving forward on process improvements in the future.

Thank you for being here and being an awesome community! We look forward to many years of working together to advance the decentralization of gaming!