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More About Operator License Bundles

November 23, 2022
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Get up to date with the latest developments on today’s 24 hour Bundle sale for Last Expedition!

Since we announced our Last Expedition Bundle Sale last week, the devs have been hard at work adding even more awesomeness into this special Bundle package.

Yesterday we decided to delay the sale a day to get back to the community with the latest on these Bundles, so here it is!

The Last Expedition Operator License Bundle has had its price reduced to $2000 each, and the sale will run for 24 hours starting at 3pm PT today, Tuesday November 22nd. The sale will continue for 24 hours and end tomorrow at 3pm PT.

LE Operator License Bundle

When we announced the Bundle originally, we previewed a little of what will now come as part of this package.

The foundation of our community begins with our Operators. The LE Operator Node License Bundle is an exclusive first opportunity to own and operate a server license for Last Expedition.

In addition, the bundle contains 25 exclusive early access Early Access Tokens to share and an exclusive Ancient Primal Ravager Operators Mod NFT.

Last Expedition Operators Node:

Integral to the Last Expedition Operator Bundle is the Node server license! These licenses should begin showing up in your account within 24 hours of purchase and will enable you to run a server for our December developer (and maybe community!) testing of Last Expedition.

That’s right, your node will be running a custom server workload for you and your friends to play Last Expedition before anyone else!

Early Access Tokens:

Purchasers of the Last Expedition Operator License Bundle will receive 25 Hunter’s Licenses for the Early Access in 2023. In the event that we launch the playtest on a key-code access-limited service, then these tokens will be able to be redeemed for a key. Otherwise, these will serve as the keys themselves.


Last Expedition Subscription:

At Gala Games, we always want to try to make sure the early adopters get something special. This is why we are making sure that EVERY SINGLE TIME Last Expedition Node Bundles go on sale, there will be a new token dropped to those who have purchased the subscription in previous sales.

These NFTs, each of which is an Operators Node Mod, will enable you to make your server even more awesome to bring in the best and most competitive players to your Operators Node Server.

The earlier you pick up a Last Expedition Operators Node License the more Node Mods you get. Those who purchase a Last Expedition Server License in the next sale will not receive the first mod in the subscription, but can potentially purchase it from the secondary market.

The first Node Mod in this subscription is…

Ancient Primal Ravager

Having a Primal Ravager in your inventory will spawn Ancient Ravagers on your server while you run your Last Expedition Operators Node. This must be used with a Last Expedition Operators Node and cannot be used separately.

This Operator License Bundle is on sale now and only lasts 24 hours. Check it out in the Gala Games store!

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