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Town Star Black Friday | Open Your Presents Before Christmas

November 24, 2022
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Get ready for a special Black Friday pack sale with festive flare and year-round game-changing utility.

All details in this blog are subject to change for any reason.

We love to embrace the season’s cheer, and this year we’re starting right after Thanksgiving with an exclusive chance for you to trim your Town Star tree and trounce the holiday competition.

Starting at 1pm PT on Black Friday, November 25th, Enchanted Ornament Mystery Packs will be sold in 3 different rarities. More details can be found below.

Ornaments | More than Shiny Glass Balls

We’re doing things differently this year for the Town Star holidays. Instead of placing a tree in your town and occupying one or more of your valuable tiles, you can collect as many ornaments as you want without taking up any space at all!

Each Ornament is a Town Star Effect Card. They come in different rarities, and the more packs you crack, the more likely you’re gonna find rarer cards with greater bonuses! Collect all 12 Ornaments and the rewards get even better.

Christmas Sugarcane Stands

As an extra sweet holiday bonus for participating in the Enchanted Ornament Mystery Pack sale, you’ll also have a chance to earn a free Festive Christmas Sugarcane Stand.

To qualify for the Sugarcane Stand, you must purchase 2x Uncommon Packs, 2x Rare Packs, and 2x Epic Packs. You can even receive this added bonus up to 3 times for your account!

Set 1- Wage Reducers

Ornament 1 — Epic — 8% Global Wage Reduction
Ornament 2 — Rare — 3.5% Global Wage Reduction
Ornament 4 — Uncommon — 1.5% Global Wage Reduction
Ornament 7 — Uncommon — 1.5% Global Wage Reduction
Ornament 10 — Rare — 4% Global Wage Reduction
Ornament 12 — Uncommon — 1.5% Global Wage Reduction

= 20% Global Wage Reduction for the whole Set

Set 2 — Building Cost Reducers

Ornament 3 — Uncommon — 2% Building Cash Reduction
Ornament 5 — Epic — 9% Building Cash Reduction
Ornament 6 — Rare — 5% Building Cash Reduction
Ornament 8 — Uncommon — 2% Building Cash Reduction
Ornament 9 — Rare — 5% Building Cash Reduction
Ornament 11 — Uncommon — 2% Building Cash Reduction

= 25% Building Cash Reduction for the whole Set

Seasonal Bonus

As a special seasonal incentive to collect all 12 Ornaments, all players who achieve and hold this complete collection through January 31st, 2023 will receive (until the same date) the following in-game bonuses. If you have spent even a little time playing Town Star, you’ll like this.

  • 50% Global Unit Speed Increase (Stackable with bonus from other NFTs)
  • 50% Global Wage Reduction
  • 75% Building (Cash) Cost Reduction
  • 75% Reduction in Obstacle-Clearing Costs

Collecting these ornaments may be your best chance to dominate the competition this holiday season.

The Sale

This is a different kind of sale than many others you’ve seen in the Town Star store. You’ll purchase single packs of Enchanted Ornaments, hoping to get those remaining pieces you need to complete your collection.

Packs will be sold in 3 different rarities, listed below with their prices. The more rare the pack, the greater the odds of pulling those high-boost Epic items!

Each Pack contains 4 Enchanted Ornaments that will each be yours to keep upon opening.

Uncommon Pack — $30

This Pack provides a moderate chance at Rare Enchanted Ornaments, and even a slight shot at Epic Ornaments!

Rare Pack — $50

This Pack contains almost completely guaranteed Rare Ornaments, with even better chances at pulling an Epic!

Epic Pack — $75

You’re almost certain to get multiple Epics with this Pack. The first Ornament is guaranteed to be Epic.

Don’t forget! Buy 2 of each Pack and you’ll get the Festive Holiday Sugarcane Stand pictured above.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rarity chances in each Ornament Pack?


Prize 1 = 100% Uncommon
Prize 2 = 95% Uncommon, 5% Rare
Prize 3 = 90% Uncommon, 10% Rare
Prize 4 = 85% Uncommon, 12% Rare, 3% Epic


Prize 1 = 100% Rare
Prize 2 = 90% Rare, 10% Uncommon
Prize 3 = 80% Uncommon, 15% Rare, 5% Epic
Prize 4 = 75% Uncommon, 18% Rare, 7% Epic


Prize l = 100% Epic
Prize 2 = 90% Epic, 10% Rare
Prize 3 = 60% Epic, 30% Rare, 10% Uncommon
Prize 4 = 50% Epic, 35% Rare, 15% Uncommon

Can Enchanted Ornament bonuses be stacked?

Each individual item bonus can only be used once. Even if you collect more than one of the same Enchanted Ornament, you’ll only receive that ornament’s bonus once.

Additionally, the temporary bonus for collecting the entire set can only be applied once, even if additional completed sets have been collected.

Existing in-game Unit Speed bonuses from Mirandus-themed Skins and the Wage reduction bonus Galaverse Malta NFT can stack with bonuses from the Enchanted Ornaments.

What is the total permanent benefit to collecting all 12 Ornaments?

Until February 2023 (total combined bonus):

50% Global Wage Reduction
50% Global Unit Speed Increase
75% In-game Building Cost (Cash) Reduction
75% Reduction in Obstacle-Clearing Costs


20% Global Wage Reduction
25% Building Cash Reduction

Happy Holidays

The Enchanted Ornament sale begins in the Gala Games store on Friday, November 25th at 1pm PT. All ornaments are limited in supply, and they’re not guaranteed to last until Christmas!

All details in this blog are subject to change for any reason.