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Mirandus VOX Drop Coming Soon

November 20, 2021
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Nearly 4 months after the hit inaugural series of VOX, Gala Labs has announced the next series, based on Gala Games’ upcoming MMORPG, Mirandus. With legit fantasy appeal and a completely new set of randomized traits and characteristics, these VOX will give new meaning to the phrase epic drop.

This series will contain all sorts of magical creatures from the realm of Mirandus. Magical elves, rogue halflings, fierce orcs, stalwart dwarves and even some surprise creatures from the Mirandus bestiary will emerge from the mysterious VOX boxes on revealing day!

December 6th 2021

Monday, December 6th is the big day for the Mirandus VOX drop, which will go differently than August’s Town Star VOX drop in several ways.

Difference #1 — Available in the Gala Games store

Instead of being sold through the CollectVOX website, these VOX Boxes will be purchasable directly from the Gala Games store. Selling VOX in the Gala Games store means no crazy gas war for the community.

VOX Boxes will be sold as ERC-1155 “tickets.” When it’s time for the VOX reveal at a later date, owners of these tickets will have the option to mint their VOX. This means that the owner will be responsible for 2 separate rounds of network fees: 1 when the Box is purchased, and another when the VOX is minted and revealed.

If you’re new to Gala Games, you’ll need to have an account, as well as some GALA (for purchasing) and some ETH (for network fees). Learn how to create a Gala Games account HERE.

Difference #2 — First 888 are for Gala Gold & Node Operators

The first 888 VOX Boxes are reserved ONLY for members of the Gala Gold community. We know, membership in this exclusive club just gets better and better. Not only are members getting the first crack at Mirandus VOX Boxes, but they get all the first sneak peeks and leaks over the coming weeks!

Gala Founder’s Node operators who have not yet purchased Gala Gold membership will also be included in the initial 888 whitelist sale.

After the 888 Gala Gold VOX Boxes are gone, it will be a VOX free-for-all until the total supply has sold.

Difference #3 — The HUGE Launch Party

Leading up to the big first drop, join us LIVE to bask in the excitement and FOMO. There will be giveaways, special announcements and more! It’ll be like the old days of waiting in line, except the line is a non-stop party and no one will get mad at you for being there with no pants on.

In addition to the differences from the inaugural series, there are also some important sames.

Same #1 — Every VOX is Unique

Just like the inaugural series of Town Star VOX, every Mirandus VOX is 100% unique, with provably random traits. This time, the VOX artists at Gala Labs have put together a distinctly Mirandus set of characteristics to ensure that medieval fantasy style that you crave!

Same #2 — Total Supply of 8888

In accordance with our favorite sequence of numbers (learn why HERE), 8888 total Mirandus VOX will be created. A portion will be set aside for those who received early VOX Boxes from the previous drop, then 888 will be made available to Gala Gold (and Founder’s Node operators), followed by the primary sale of the remaining 8888.

Wondering about how VOX are generated in a provably random way? Powering up technical mode… Embedded in the VOX contract is a Provenance hash, an SHA-256 calculated from all VOX metadata, models, and images in sequential order. You can use this to prove that your VOX hasn’t been rearranged or manipulated in any way during the pre-reveal period. When the “reveal” occurs, a random number is generated using Chainlink VRF ( This number is used as an offset to determine the actual VOX you get!

Same #3 — In-Game Utility

Mirandus VOX will have in-game utility in Mirandus, but the specific details of this utility have not yet been revealed to the community. They will not have utility in Town Star. Keep an eye out in Discord for news (and leaks) about Mirandus utility over the coming weeks.

Fun in Discord

Join us in Discord as the drop day draws nearer for fun creative challenges and mini-quests on a daily basis! You might make some awesome VOX friends, or you may even win something!

Join the discussion in Discord if (like us) you simply cannot contain your excitement. We’ll see you there!