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Mirandus Monday: The First Party in

June 29, 2021
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While a game comes to life, there are certain moments that are always highly anticipated by team and community alike. They are milestone moments like product launches, beta releases and major updates. Today, the Mirandus development team led by Michael McCarthy is pleased to announce that we will soon be sharing one of these moments with select members of the Gala Games ecosystem. Get ready for your first opportunity to experience the world of Mirandus!

Get in the Game

On Saturday, July 3rd at 12:00 PT, we will be conducting an official stress test on the newly created Mirandus test server. Those with download access to the test server will be able to launch the application and bring an avatar to life for the first time ever in the world of Mirandus. Download access to this stress test will be limited only to members of Gala Gold. For those of you who cannot resist this opportunity but have not yet purchased your $10 Gala Gold membership, this is a better time than ever to get it done! Remember, afterward you’ll be a Gala Gold member for life.

During the stress test, there will also be an open AMA with key members of the team, hosted in Discord and broadcast across all Gala Games live channels.

What to Expect

This test server is a very rudimentary slice of the gameplay for a tiny section of a game board spun up just to see if the community can break it. Countless visual and mechanical details are not yet in place, but the spirit of the experience is very much alive in this testing environment. Avatars are able to run and jump, interacting with and viewing the limited environment in 3d.

The goal of this stress test is to discover how many players can join the experience at a time before there are problems so that we can pinpoint and create solutions for those problems. Basically, we want to fill the boat until it sinks, so please be patient and know that if and when something goes wrong during the stress test, it was all part of the plan. By getting an exciting sneak peak of this magnitude, you’ll also be able to provide valuable data and feedback for us in the development process. This is a perfect example of the win-win philosophies of a decentralized gaming platform in action, and we look forward to it just as much as you!

Get a Taste of Mirandus

Those of you concerned that this extremely limited version of Mirandus will not be exciting enough for you should know this: When the Gala Games team hopped into the test server together the other day, we had a fantastic time. Most of us were giddy with excitement as we ran around the world and envisioned in our imaginations all the future possibilities of this incredible game.

Thanks to everyone in our ecosystem for your patience, loyalty and continued support. We can hardly wait to share this milestone with you, and we hope that years from now, you’ll all get a chance to say “I was at the first party in Mirandus!”