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Find Sanctuary in Mirandus with Opera

June 30, 2021
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In a joint press release from Gala Games and Opera (the popular browser developer), it was announced today that a new building in the world of Mirandus will soon be released. The Grand Sanctuary will be auctioned on OpenSea and 100% of proceeds will be donated to charity.

There will be 8 Grand Sanctuary buildings auctioned beginning on July 12th, and they will have an important use in the world of Mirandus for new players. This collaborative building was created for several reasons, including a valuable way to educate and equip brand new players, to empower those who choose not to spend anything at the start of their adventure, and to build a culture of support and generosity through ongoing charitable giving.

Charity is and will always be very important to the Gala Games team. While we as a company continue to prosper and deliver value to our players and ecosystem, we will always do everything we can to give back by supporting charity initiatives. This is why we are so excited to bring you the Grand Sanctuary, created in collaboration with Opera, another company to whom charitable giving is also a high priority.

Find Sanctuary

For most new players in Mirandus, the Grand Sanctuary will be the first place they want to visit. There they will find the basics of survival, including a place of temporary protection and the resources necessary to begin being productive in the world. The Sanctuary will serve many purposes for new players. It will be a library, a school, an outfitter and a mission house. Even players who have spent nothing on in-game NFTs will be able to find what they need within the Grand Sanctuary’s walls. In this way, the Grand Sanctuary will play the vital role of empowering free-to-play players, making it possible for them to start earning in the game.

Cycle of Giving

The Grand Sanctuaries will have built-in economies of their own, which will create and foster a culture of support and generosity throughout the land. Every active player who uses the Sanctuary when they are new will have the satisfaction of knowing that a small portion of the earnings made possible by those provisions will be given to real-world charities. Basically, a portion of each player’s earning in the beginning will be automatically awarded to both the Sanctuary owner to fund further operation and expansion, and an IRL charity organization decided by Gala Games and Opera. It will become a cyclical organization of charity in the fantasy world of Mirandus as well as the real world.

More Power = More Fun

We are very excited to offer the Opera co-branded Grand Sanctuaries to level the playing field for new players of Mirandus. As a result, there will be less of a divide between spenders and free players. Those who spend money on NFTs will always have easier access to success and greater rewards, but by empowering even more of our players, we will create an even more fun and rewarding experience for everyone. It is our hope that the Grand Sanctuary will prove a valuable resource for all players of Mirandus.

Stay tuned for more information about the Grand Sanctuary as it becomes available, and be ready for the OpenSea charity auctions to begin on July 12th.

Joint Press Release:

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Today Opera is building its audiences in Europe, Africa and Asia across 4 product categories; computer and laptop browsers, AI driven news platforms and fintech applications.

It is highly experienced in identifying consumer trends, needs and wants and developing products that meet demand quickly, capturing space and early adopters. The Opera browser has been equipped with a native Crypto Wallet and Web3 support since 2018.

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