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Mirandus Exemplars: The Second Revealing

May 25, 2021
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We are incredibly pleased to see such a positive response from the Gala Games community surrounding the release and initial sale of these Exemplar avatars. We look forward to seeing a diverse fantasy world filled with many unique people, skills and focuses. Let us now continue down the road of revealing by introducing you to six more Exemplars.

The Cartographer — human

It is a powerful gift to view and understand the world from an accurate perspective. Many of the greatest geniuses throughout the generations of Mirandus have possessed this gift, using it to create legendary maps that recount a lesser-known history of the land. Without the geographical story that maps can tell, explorers never could have conquered the wild regions, passed through the wastelands or sailed the vast and mighty seas. Today, the legacy of the legendary mapmakers of old lives on through the human Exemplars known as Cartographers. They are born with innate senses of direction, navigation and distances. They are first recognized for their skills when as small children (often toddlers), they are found carefully studying their surroundings and drawing maps in the dirt whose intricacies go beyond their years. Once a Cartographer’s skills have been fully developed as an adult, they are able to piece the world together into a tapestry of maps with ease. These Exemplars receive a powerful bonus to all map creation.

The Stronghands — human

No matter where you find yourself in the world of Mirandus, you can always count on the craftsmanship of the human Exemplars known as Stronghands. Stronghands can be found in nearly every town and village. Explorers have relied on the creations of their hands through the darkest nights, the coldest days and the most frightening adventures. The legacy of the Stronghands has been handed down through countless generations of the hardest working people in the world. These craftsmen despise lethargy and take delight in their most productive days. For the Stronghands, ingenuity is more than a job; it is a way of life. If you are fortunate enough to have an Stronghand for a friend, your quests and journeys will certainly unfold with greater ease. Through a trait called Expediency, these Exemplars receive a speed bonus to all crafting.

Bone Orcs — orc

In the Bone Orcs’ native lands, the jagged limestone cliffs stretch for countless miles in every direction. Often razor-sharp, these rocks are so prevalent there that bands of orcs have been forced to make their homes within the cracks and crevasses for centuries. Through the strange course of evolution, simply slipping and falling often meant a gashing death, and many orcs died of accidental impalings. Because orcs are not known for their incredible dexterity or balance, only those with the toughest flesh and the greatest ability to heal could survive and thrive through the ages. Over great passage of time, the healing orcs of this region became known by outsiders as the Bone Orcs. Their instinctive healing powers are so strong that it is said even their broken bones are mended quickly and with ease. They have now adopted the name as their own with pride, and as Exemplars they possess a trait called Improved Mending. Bone Orcs are always quick to heal and almost entirely immune to bleeding.

The Hollowers — dwarf

Life in the mountains and mines has equipped dwarves with many special skills and abilities, most of which the outside world find incredibly valuable. Searching the stones for the greatest treasures is often a needle-in-a-haystack exercise, especially since small jewels are often valued by their scarcity. In these situations, it is always best to call upon the skills of a Hollower. Throughout their ancestry, the Hollowers have made theirs a focus of intuition, developing a sense that allows them to probe stones for weaknesses. Hollowers can perceive unseen cracks within the stones and therefore make the most of every stroke of their hammer or pick. Some even say that the greatest Hollowers can sense the exact location of the sought treasure and uncover it with no wasted time at all. Others simply make the case the Hollowers are consistently lucky. Whatever the explanation, these Exemplars possess a trait called Feel for Fractures, which allows them to mine with a greatly reduced energy cost.

The Proudhearths — halfling

Halflings are well known for not only their seemingly endless capacity for food, but also their great joy and appreciation for eating and drinking. These are peculiar attributes for a people who are so much smaller in stature than humans, but they are nonetheless true. The most skilled halfling cooks are revered as greatly as some cultures treat royalty, and the meals and libations they craft are fit for any Mirandus king. These masters of meals are called the Proudhearths. A Proudhearth halfling can cook a massive meal with incredible quickness, no matter the number of guests. It is said that even from a small quantity of ingredients, a Proudhearth can somehow create a many-course feast that will be remembered fondly for the rest of the diners’ lifetimes. As Exemplars, Proudhearths possess a trait called Hearth Master, which reduces their energy costs when cooking or brewing.

Brightsun Elves — elf

Although they are much rarer than humans, dwarves and orcs, elves are sprinkled throughout the land of Mirandus in precise and balanced variety. Each type of elf has a distinct relationship with magic and a unique origin story for their people. Although the types differ in many ways and attribute different sources to their powers, they still recognize that they all come from the same elven ancestors. The elves of the sun are known as the Brightsun Elves. They believe that the sun is the source of all power, the provider of everything touched by its rays. They are said to be “clothed in radiant light,” and as Exemplars, they hold a special ability. Called the Satiation of Sol, this ability allows the Brightsuns to convert energy into health whenever the sun is shining.

Exemplar Sale Starts Tomorrow!

Some of the above Exemplars will be dropped to the luckiest node operators tonight, and all of the 6 described above will be made available for sale in the Mirandus store beginning at 12:00pm PT tomorrow, May 25th.

We hope you are as excited as we are for each piece of the incredible Mirandus tapestry that is about to begin unfolding before you. Thank you as always for your continued support!

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