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Mirandus Exemplars: The Third Revealing

June 2, 2021
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The first two releases into the exemplars and the first tiers have sold out very quickly! Today, we are happy to release the third batch of exemplars to the node network, after which they will be put on sale in the store.

As a reminder, USD prices for anything in the crypto-sphere are approximate, so when something goes on sale it may be slightly more or less than you expect, if you have heard a specific price quoted in USD.

The Greencloaks — human

Some humans just seem to have an innate sense of the woods. They can listen to the pulse of the trees and know how to push wood to its utmost when it comes to building. It is theorized that The Greencloaks came from a clan deep in the forest, where the noise of the cities and the thrum of civilization could not distract them as they communed with nature. They possess the ability to make wood do things most other craftspeople could only dream of, both in terms of cutting and crafting. If you need to clear land to plant a farm, having a Greencloak at your side will give you a substantial bonus in clearing, but also in turning that wood into something useful. As Exemplars, the Greencloaks are unparalleled in their connection to the forests and trees.

The Weavers — human

The children of The Weavers often are given a shuttle and thread to play with when they are very young, and the first piece of woven material produced by their hands is always a treasured family heirloom. It is said that the weavers have the ability to produce some of the finest garments in the time it takes for an average loom operator to create some simple roughspun. Whether it is in the creation of fine woven cloth as a crafting supply, or the manufacture of certain types of armor, the Weavers possess the ability to create something almost before anyone else has even began. As an Exemplar, they will be unparalleled in their cloth production ability, making them very rare indeed!

The Glimmering Clan — dwarf

It has been theorized that some of the greatest treasures unearthed in dwarven mining operations have gone unnoticed and been carelessly discarded. Evidence of this lies in the special skills of members of the Glimmering Clan, who are consistently able to prove that there is treasure in the trash and there are riches in the rubble. As if minerals of value call to them through the rocks, these mining experts search through piles of mining debris. No matter the size of the “waste” pile, they can usually find something of value. When they appear on a busy mining site, the Glimmering Clan is often a source of frustration for the leaders of the operation because they find the ore that was overlooked. The cleverest mining managers like to hire a member of the Glimmering Clan to sift through the discards of their crew. As Exemplars, these dwarves possess an ability called Ascertain Ore, which offers an exclusive bonus to mining output.

Clear Bloods — orc

Of all tribes of Mirandus orcs, the Clear Bloods are perhaps the most unusual. They are regarded even by their fellow orcs from other tribes with curiosity, and any outsider who observes their rituals tends to find them disturbing to say the least. Unlike the majority of orcs, who are uninterested in the inner workings of their bodies, the Clear Bloods have a strong focus on medicines. But to outsiders, most of their dozens of medicines are considered deadly poisons. Through ritual administration of these medicines constantly throughout the life of a Clear Blood, some Clear Bloods are able to develop immunities not only to the effects of those poisons, but all other poisons in the world. Others die in agony during the various ritual processes, but this is all part of the risk an orc must accept to be initiated into the Clear Blood. As Exemplars, Clear Bloods possess a trait called Toxin Release, which makes them immune to almost any poison.

The Evenstrides — halfling

Running is not always about height or speed, a fact which is excellently exemplified by the halfling clan known as the Evenstrides. Even though halflings are shorter than most humans, these movement specialists are able to perfectly organize the forces involved to create the most efficient method of running, no matter the terrain. They can almost always outrun humans and orcs both in terms of sprint speed and endurance. Through careful control of their weight distribution, Evenstrides also have incredible balance, which allows them to use running as a reliable mode of transportation. If you see a halfling running swiftly across the countryside between villages, chances are it’s an Evenstride. As Exemplars, Evenstrides possess the Swiftness trait, which allows them to run with reduced energy cost.

Earthlight Elves

Elf magic is typically focused strongly around the sun, but not all elven disciplines rely upon its power for their magical energy. The Earthlight Elves are one such discipline; they enjoy the sun as many of their brethren, but they are equally at one with their magic no matter their surroundings. For these accomplished magic users, spells are still powered by light, but the light upon which they rely is an imperceptible force provided not by the sun, but by the planet itself. As long as they have the Earth underfoot, Earthlight Elves are much more comfortable using magic than even the most experienced human mages. As Exemplars, Earthlight Elves come with a trait called Serenity, which reduces the casting cost of all spells.

Exemplar Sale Starts Tomorrow!

Some of the above Exemplars will be dropped to the luckiest node operators tonight, and all of the 6 described above will be made available for sale in the Mirandus store beginning at 12:00pm PT tomorrow, June 2nd.

We hope you are as excited as we are for each piece of the incredible Mirandus tapestry that is about to begin unfolding before you. Thank you as always for your continued support!

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