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Meowing into Web3 with a Free Cat NFT

June 2, 2023
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If you’ve logged into your Gala Games account recently, you just received an NFT Cat surprise, courtesy of Meow Match!

In what can only be described as a cataclysmic upgrade, Meow Match is now strutting its way onto the block(chain) with the introduction of our pawsome NFTs, making our digital kitty playground a furmidable presence in the Gala Games ecosystem.

🐱 Meow-zah! A Free Cat NFT! 🐱

Here’s the most clawsome news: As part of our web3 relaunch, we just gifted a Cat Box to every Gala Games account holder who has logged in recently. What’s in the Cat Box, you ask? An adorable Cat NFT, waiting to be minted and ready to pounce, play and purr its way into your heart and game. This is your oppurrtunity to take your Meow Match experience to a whole new level!

🐾 Your New Fur-iend 🐾

Your Cat Box will contain one of the following three pawsible feline friends!


This sassy Tortoiseshell diva is a true cat-lebrity. With her high cat-titude and queenly demeanor, she’s sure to run the show in no time.


Get ready to giggle with our loveable Tuxedo goofball. With his irresistibly playful charm, he’s always ready to make you smile from ear to ear.


This loyal Calico companion is the epitome of cat-mradeship. She’ll stick by your side, whether you’re on a winning streak or facing the worst fur-midable opponents.

These adorable companions will be ready for in-game adventures in the next couple weeks, so keep your paws at the ready!

🐾 Impurrtant Notice! 🐾

Note that initially, your new feline friends will be sitting pretty in your account, meaning they won’t be transferable right away. However, don’t let that pawse your enthusiasm — they will be transferable eventually!

🎁 Cat Boxes: The Gift That Keeps on Giving 🎁

You’ll be able to open your Cat Box indefinitely via Gala Games’ layer-1 blockchain, currently known as Project GYRI. This means endless surprises and a chance to expand your kitty family whenever you’d like!

🔐 Meow Match Login 🔐

Very soon you’ll have the ability to login to Meow Match using your Gala Games account, but for now, you can continue to play the game through the apps linked below!

Ready to get your paws on this meow-nificent game? Dive in right meow, and prepare for the ultimate kitten-themed web3 match3 game. We ain’t kitten!

Meow Match — Google Play Store
Meow Match — Apple App Store

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