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It’s Raining Hens!

June 6, 2023
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Check your wallets! Chickens are dropping to all VOX owners!

Brace yourselves for an egg-stravagant free drop of epic proportions.

What are those?

These Chickens are the first true VOX companion drop! They will function as companions and pets in VOXverse. Besides their fun names and dashing looks, what can these little cluckers actually do?

  • Playable characters in the upcoming chicken mini-game, Get Plucked
  • Unlock secret content in the upcoming VOXverse playable
  • Aid in resource gathering within VOXverse

How Do I Get One?

Be a VOX Owner. If you held a VOX or VOX Box in your wallet during the snapshot last week (block 17329941), Chickens have hatched into your wallet. See which ones are eggs-clusively yours by looking up your wallet on OpenSea.

Every VOX Owner will receive two Chickens, one to keep and one to give to a friend. (Because good friends share the cluckin’ fun, right?) Town Star Chicken VOX owners will also notice a little something extra, as these VOX have hatched an extra Chicken in their wallets.

The number of VOX owned during the snapshot significantly increased the chances of obtaining chickens with higher rarity. Rarities range from Common to Ancient, but every Chicken is an egg-stravagant work of art.

Missed the snapshot? Grab your favorite Chicken off the secondary marketplace and start building your chicken army for VOXverse:

VOX: Get Plucked — Collection | OpenSea

Get Plucked!?!?!

Prepare for a death-defying journey as every chicken’s innate desire to cross the road takes flight! You’ll have a chance to expertly guide your fearless fowls to safety while vying for weekly prizes. Get ready to witness your magnificent poultry in action in Get Plucked, coming this summer!

To keep in the loop with all the juicy Get Plucked updates, join the VOX Discord. It’s the ultimate roost for keeping abreast of the latest developments, sharing in the excitement, and connecting with fellow chicken aficionados.