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Major Town Star Upgrades: Win Big with May Mayhem Rewards

May 9, 2023
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A brand new engine, massive upgrades and a month of rewards make May the month to play!

The wait is over! The much-anticipated Town Star on Godot release happened on May 1st, and it has brought a plethora of new features, rewards, and enhancements for players to enjoy. With increased security measures making cheating more difficult than ever and May Mayhem offering over 20 Million $GALA and tons of new NFTs, there’s never been a better time to dive into Town Star!

Increased Security for a Fairer Game

One of the major highlights of the Town Star on its new engine (Godot) is vastly improved security. The game developers have made significant efforts to ensure that cheating is now harder than ever. This means that all players can enjoy the game fairly and compete on equal grounds.

May Mayhem Rewards: Achieve, Refer, and Get Rewarded

The May Mayhem rewards event brings massive opportunities for players to win big. With six Achievement rewards available, players can earn a total of 6300 $GALA by completing various challenges, from finishing 10 trades to ranking in the top 500 in competitions. Here’s a breakdown of the Achievement rewards:

  • Finish 10 trades in 1 game and connect Discord to your Gala Games account: 100 $GALA
  • Finish 50 Trades in 1 game: 300 $GALA
  • Trade 10 of the meta craft in one game: 700 $GALA
  • Reach top 1200 in a competition: 1500 $GALA
  • Reach top 1200 in 7 competitions and top 800 in 1 Competition: 3100 $GALA
  • Reach top 1200 in 10, 800 in 3, and 500 in 1 Competition: 6300 $GALA

But that’s not all! Referral rewards are also up for grabs. Players receive 25% of the achievement rewards of anyone referred, whether during May Mayhem or at any time in the past. This is a fantastic opportunity to grow your rewards by bringing in more players.

Loyalty rewards are another exciting feature of May Mayhem. Players who participated in the game during the last May receive 25% extra competition rewards, while those who have played during May for the last two years get 60% extra competition rewards. It’s a fantastic way to celebrate and reward long-time players.

Weekly Competitions and New Content

In addition to the amazing rewards, the new-and-improved Town Star offers a competition every week with over 1M $GALA in rewards and tons of sweet NFTs. These competitions provide a great opportunity for players to test their skills, compete with others, and win fantastic prizes.

To keep the game fresh and engaging, Town Star also promises tons of new content and a new meta every week. This ensures that players always have something new to explore and challenges to overcome, making the game continually exciting and enjoyable.

This huge Town Star release has delivered on its promises, offering an enhanced gaming experience, generous rewards, and exciting new content. With its increased security measures, May Mayhem, weekly competitions, and new content every week, there’s no better time to join the Town Star community and immerse yourself in this engaging game. Don’t miss out on the chance to compete, win big, and have a blast with the new-and-improved Town Star!

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