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Live Now | A Stunning New Early Access Build

December 19, 2023
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With a huge leap forward, the new Last Expedition Early Access build is now live and ready to take your breath away.

Hunter’s Early Access Token Holders

If you’ve been holding your breath for an even better build, this is your chance. If you haven’t played in Early Access at all yet, here are the steps to get in the game.

  1. Make sure your free Epic Games account is all set up.
  2. Make sure you are logged into your Gala Games account in your web browser.
  3. Download and install Last Expedition through
  4. Once in the game, find a server in your global region and jump in with your best Early Access crew.
To play, you’ll need one of these!

No Token Yet?

you may want to hurry up and make friends with a Last Expedition OP (Node Operator). You’ll need a worthy crew to run missions with, but Node Operators may also be holding onto some extra Early Access tokens, as multiples were included in past Operator’s Node License bundle packs.

Picking up Early Access in the Gala Games store is as easy as grabbing an Early Access Hunter’s Pack, which includes a limited edition Rare “Ice” Skin for Alice Mackeye.

Once you have that token in your GalaChain inventory, you’ll be allowed to download the Early Access build and install the game.

Last Expedition store

Look for Live Streams

Very soon, we’ll be launching a series of developer streams in which the gaming greats who created Last Expedition will take on Aura themselves, talking about the game’s future while doing their best to survive in a brutal custom server full of badass OP Mod predators.

Run Your Node

If you purchased a Last Expedition Operator’s Node License bundle in a previous sale or found an OP License in a Gala Games Mystery Pack, now’s the time to configure and start running your server.

Setting up your Last Expedition Node

No details are yet available on the future reward economy for Node Operators, but you can get your Node ready and empower other Early Access players to join in! If you’re a collector of OP Mods like the Primal Ravager, Primal Bone Snapper and Primal Porcupine, this is also your chance to pack them into your server and make it more challenging for everyone.

You can still pick up a Last Expedition Node Operator’s license now in the extended Summer OP License Bundle sale, through this link.

Watch out for Ravagers!

Let the Team Know

Between missions, come on down to the Gala Games Discord community to let us know what you think. After unveiling such an incredible new Early Access build, we’re looking forward to some great discussions in the channel, so don’t miss out!

Gala Games Discord community

Last Expedition on Gala Games