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How the Glitch Stole Christmas

December 19, 2023
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Merry Christmas from Gala Games — Enjoy this fun and heartwarming holiday poem!

In a digital world full of of pixels and bytes
Lived a digital Grinch with a heart fraught with mites.
He hated the joy of empowering games,
The ownership, freedom and tokenized claims.

“They celebrate Christmas with gamified cheer,”
He grumbled and grouched, filled with holiday fear.
“Their avatars sing and their coins they exchange,
While I sit here counting my last pocket change”

Then the old Grinch struck a mischievous plan,
To steal the rewards from each guild and each clan.
To startle the servers with hacking quite shameless,
To steal their rewards and thus leave them all gameless.

With tempest of typing and treacherous titter,
He unleashed his code and then took straight to Twitter,
Where gamers cried of their rewards disappearing,
While haters replied with “I told you so” jeering.

The players were stunned and their festive moods dashed,
As their avatars vanished and game servers crashed.
Even poor Santa and elves were all kicked;
The extent of the disarray none could predict.

But amidst all the chaos a young voice arose,
A player named Max, with a heart that still glows.
He reminded them all through the glitching and lag,
The true meaning of Christmas was never just swag.

“Friendship” he cried, “and the joy that we share,
Are more precious than prizes and presents to spare,
Let’s join as one, singing carols so bright
That we’ll drown out the darkness with jubilant light!”

Then all of the players joined digital hands,
Singing carols online, across digital lands.
Their voices rang out and were heard everywhere,
Even reaching the Grinch’s enthralling despair.

He realized that what he had tried to reclaim,
Was more than rewards and much more than a game.
His hatred dissolved into shame’s stinging whack;
With a click of his mouse, he reversed the attack.

The Grinch even gave them a bonus worth loving,
With plenty for all and no pushing or shoving;
A digital gift of a festive red hat,
Which he placed on each avatar’s head, then he sat.

He learned that empowerment’s not about stuff,
It’s not about owning or having “enough,”
And playing together with freedom and heart
Whenever we can is a good place to start.

So from that day on, the Grinch joined Gala Games
As a good-hearted hacker, protecting their aims.
Remember the Grinch and the lesson he learned,
When thinking you’ve gained only what you have earned.

Merry Christmas from Gala Games!