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Legacy’s Competitive Edge: Events

October 24, 2023
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Legacy launches on October 26th, 2023. Read on to learn more about regular competitions and opportunities to win $GALA

Legacy, Gala Games’ innovative business simulation offering, is shaping up to be the next big thing in the gaming world. A key component that has players buzzing with excitement is the ‘Events’ aspect of the game, particularly the Design Competitions. If you’ve ever wanted to test your design acumen against a community of like-minded enthusiasts, Legacy’s Events could be your playground. Here’s an in-depth look into the various competitive Events and what they entail.

What are Legacy’s Events?

There are several different types of events in Legacy, all of which include opportunities for players (both Key holders and Deed owners) to win some rewards!

Events begin hourly, so no matter when you play, you’ll have a chance to accumulate Legacy Tickets, which ultimately translate into the amount of $GALA rewards you’ll receive if you have what it takes!

Guild leaders will also get a multiplier to their Legacy Ticket haul that corresponds to the rarity of their Guild (Land Deed). For exact launch figures and multiplier numbers, you’ll have to wait for the game’s litepaper, coming soon!

Take care of your workers and they’ll take care of you!

Profit/Sales Events

Two main Profit/Sales events are always running alongside the Design Competitions. If you’re not feeling creative in product design on a particular day, then hone in hardcore on the efficiency of your town.

Most Sales

In this event, the only thing that matters is the sheer quantity of products sold. Sell as many as you can to rank on the leaderboard and gather some Legacy Tickets!

Most Profit

In this mode, money is all that matters. The winners are determined by the total value of the products sold during the Competition.

Design Competitions

Design Competitions are more involved and more democratic than the straightforward profit/sales events described above.

At their core, Design Competitions are multiplayer events that allow players to flex their creative muscles, crafting product designs using the parts they’ve unlocked in the game.

Competitors in each Design Competition will duke it out for the most creative and unique designs, and the winners of each competition will win Legacy Tickets. Each day, those Legacy Tickets will be convertible into $GALA, which may be transferred out of the ecosystem or used to buy more Buildings, Gems, or other items in the store.

How Do They Work?

Design Competition Announcements: Special competition prompts are made in-game, offering insights into the theme or requirements for the current contest. Once the in-game Gem Mine has been unlocked, everyone will have the ability to use the free Gems produced by their Gem Mine to pay the entry fee to the various competitions.

The Design Table: Armed with the competition’s specifications, players head to a dedicated space called the ‘Special Design Table’. This unique interface facilitates the crafting of their design submissions.

Feel like a winner?

Of course, a good collection of leveled buildings and an efficient workforce will go a long way to designing something incredible, as you will need the required resources to enter your designs. These can be bought or collected and stored in the Warehouse in preparation for each Design Competition.

The Voting System

Once the design phase concludes, the competition transitions into its next exciting phase — voting!

Community-Powered Rankings: Players have the power to shape the competition’s outcome. They review and vote on each other’s designs to determine which submissions truly stand out.

To ensure robust participation and unbiased rankings, Legacy introduces special rewards for players who participate in formulated voting rounds. This not only encourages players to be active voters but also guarantees a fair and thrilling competition. You will need to vote the requisite number of times per Design Competition in order for your own entry to be validated. This ensures all entries are seen and voted on.

The voting system has been built to ensure it is impossible for teams to influence the votes as you will never see your own design or the designs of those players who are in the same Competition league as yourself. Everyone votes on the designs of others in separate Competitions.

And The Winner Is…

After the votes are tallied, it’s time to announce the winners. Those who managed to captivate the community with their designs are handsomely rewarded with Legacy Tickets, which are easily redeemed daily for $GALA, the core token of the Gala Games ecosystem.

The top-performing designs are awarded the greatest numbers of Legacy Tickets, ensuring that the most popular and innovative designs always receive the recognition they deserve.

Always in the Loop

Keeping track of the competition’s various stages is a breeze. The Events tab within the game continually updates players on competition timelines, ensuring they know precisely when to design, vote, or simply sit back and await the results.

A League Up!

In the spirit of fairness for participants of all levels of dedication and ownership, all competitions are divided into four different Leagues. The higher the League, the greater the prizes, but be prepared to pay more Gems for a chance to win larger stacks of Legacy Tickets.

Please note that each player may only participate in one League at a time. Access to higher Leagues is essentially unlocked through gameplay and participation in competitions at lower Leagues. Every beginner starts in the Beginner League.

If there are not enough players for effective competition in a certain League, those players will be temporarily moved to a lower League.


  • 100 Gems to enter
  • Legacy Tickets: ⭐


  • 250 Gems to enter
  • Legacy Tickets: ⭐⭐


  • 500 Gems to enter
  • Legacy Tickets: ⭐⭐⭐


  • 1000 Gems to enter
  • Legacy Tickets: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Thriving and productive towns don’t just build themselves!

Calling Guild Owners

It’s time to bridge your Legacy Land Deeds from Ethereum to GalaChain so you’ll be ready for players to join when the game launches! To ensure that the best and brightest early adopters will join your Guild, SET IT UP EARLY.

Once you have bridged your Land Deed(s) to GalaChain, you’ll have the option to download the build and configure your Guild. This includes setting the percentage of rewards that will be shared with you from your Guildmates, as well as naming and describing your Guild.

Please note that if you have more than one Legacy Land Deed, you’ll have access to multiple tabs within the Deed Management page.

Please also note that you’ll have to pay ETH network fees (gas) to bridge your items from Ethereum to GalaChain, so be sure to have some ETH in your account wallet.

Setting up your Deed early is super simple! Go for it!

Compete for Creativity!

Legacy’s competitions are more than just a creative outlet — they represent the spirit of community, competition, and reward that the game embodies. Whether you’re a design novice looking to learn from the community or a seasoned pro aiming to showcase your skills, these competitions promise an experience that’s both challenging and rewarding.

Join the Legacy community today and let your designs tell a story that could echo through the ages!

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