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Legacy Litepaper: Shape Your Business Destiny

October 26, 2023
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Dive into a robust economy of rewards and ownership created by 22cans and powered by GalaChain!

Jump into the world of Legacy, 22cans revolutionary business simulation game, where strategy, competition, and reward mechanics seamlessly converge. This game opens up a realm where your business acumen and dedication can translate into real rewards, providing both a compelling and immersive gaming experience, along with opportunities to take home $GALA.

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Starting Your Journey: $GALA and other Important Concepts

At the heart of Legacy lies $GALA, which also serves as the currency and gas token of the Gala ecosystem. This token facilitates the acquisition of land, buildings, Gems and more, unlocking a trove of potential opportunities.

Please note that existing Land Deeds and some Buildings were originally minted on Ethereum, so they must be bridged over to GalaChain for gameplay. This can be done on the Gala Games platform through your account inventory.

  • Land Deeds: If you’re the owner of a Legacy Land Deed, you’re also the leader of a Legacy guild. You’ll empower other players using your Legacy Keys to share in a portion of their gameplay rewards.
  • Buildings (Coming Soon): Erect structures to enhance your town’s allure, boost worker efficiency, hasten research initiatives, and much more. Many of these buildings may be purchased and owned as items minted on GalaChain, while others are available in-game only.
  • Gems: This in-game currency is used for much, such as to enter various events within Legacy. More details about the Gem economy is available below. Gems are available for purchase now in the Gala Games store.

Key Player vs. Owner

Legacy embraces every player — whether you lead a Guild by owning land or not.

Key Players

Experience the full spectrum of Legacy — from land development to event participation. These “partner” players must choose an available Legacy Key when they begin playing, linking themselves to a Deed owner and joining their Guild. Membership in a Guild is an agreement to share a portion of rewards with the Deed owning benefactor.

Deed Ownership Advantages

Depending on the rarity of their Deed, each owner is issued a certain number of Legacy Keys. Legacy Keys allow anyone to play under the Deed owner’s umbrella as part of their team (Guild). This means a portion of rewards earned in Events will always be shared with the owner of the Deed who made those rewards possible.

Additionally, depending on the rarity of a given Land Deed, a Legacy Ticket multiplier will be factored into the Legacy Ticket haul for each event placement achieved by said Land Deed or associated Key Holder(s). These multipliers will range from 1x to 3x of the base Ticket rewards based on rarity.

Gem Dynamics

In Legacy, Gems act as in-game currency and a strategic tool. Gems are not a GalaChain-minted token, but instead exist exclusively in the game and are non-transferable.

  • Gem Production: All players (Deed owners and Key Players) will unlock the Gem Mine building through gameplay, offering free Gems every day that can be used to enter various competitive events or continue land development. An active Gem Mine gives every player the means to enter a competition daily without having to pay anything.
  • Gem Deployment: Gems find utility across the board — from the bustling Trading House and cutting-edge Research Lab, to hastening in-game processes for a competitive edge. All events that offer Legacy Ticket rewards require Gems to enter. Efficient Gem management and utilization are paramount for players seeking long-term success.

Legacy’s Competitive Edge: Events

Events epitomize the spirit of competition in Legacy. There are two main types of Events in Legacy: Design Competitions and Profit/Sales Competitions. All events begin on hourly rotation around the clock, and all Events cost Gems to enter, with more Gems required for higher Leagues.

Because all Competitive Events require players to effectively manage their towns in different ways, the Event structure creates a well-balanced world of strategic challenges to Legacy players.

Events as Faucets and Sinks

Events serve as both sinks and faucets for Legacy’s dynamic economy, requiring Gems for players to enter (sink) and distributing token rewards based on Legacy Tickets (faucet).

Gems are either purchased for $GALA or earned (max 100 per day) through the in-game Gem Mine. A portion of the spent $GALA in each 24 hour period constitutes the reward pool, completing the cycle of $GALA in, $GALA out.

Event League Breakdown

Legacy boasts a multi-tiered structure for its events, from the Beginner League to the high-stakes Super League for the seasoned pros. Each League has its own distinct entry costs and rewards. Players must earn access (through gameplay) to higher Leagues, but all players always have access to Beginner League Events.

Thanks to the in-game Gem Mine (which can be unlocked through gameplay by any player), everyone can generate enough Gems each day (100) to enter a single Beginner Competition without spending anything in the store.

The number of places that reward Legacy Tickets varies depending on the number of entrants in each competition. Additionally, when finishers tie for a winning place, more than 5 winners can sometimes receive rewards.

30 entrants: Top 5 receive Legacy Tickets
24–29 entrants: Top 4 receive Legacy Tickets
18–23 entrants: Top 3 receive Legacy Tickets
12–17 entrants: Top 2 receive Legacy Tickets
05–11 entrants: Top 1 receive Legacy Tickets

Additional Note about Leagues: Once a player has leveled up to a higher League, they will no longer have the ability to select a League below their level. However, if there are not enough entrants in the higher League event, then they will automatically be added to the League below and the Gem difference for the entry fee refunded.

Beginner League

  • Gem Entry Fee: 100 Gems
  • Base Legacy Ticket Earning Pool (Max): 2,350 Legacy Tickets
  • 1st Place Legacy Ticket Rewards (Max): 940 Legacy Tickets
  • 2nd Place Legacy Ticket Rewards (Max): 587.5 Legacy Tickets
  • 3rd Place Legacy Ticket Rewards (Max): 470 Legacy Tickets
  • 4th Place Legacy Ticket Rewards (Max): 235 Legacy Tickets
  • 5th Place Legacy Ticket Rewards (Max): 117.5 Legacy Tickets

Apprentice League

  • Gem Entry Fee: 250 Gems
  • Base Legacy Ticket Earning Pool (Max): 5,875 Legacy Tickets
  • 1st Place Legacy Ticket Rewards (Max): 2350 Legacy Tickets
  • 2nd Place Legacy Ticket Rewards (Max): 1468.75 Legacy Tickets
  • 3rd Place Legacy Ticket Rewards (Max): 1175 Legacy Tickets
  • 4th Place Legacy Ticket Rewards (Max): 587.5 Legacy Tickets
  • 5th Place Legacy Ticket Rewards (Max): 293.75 Legacy Tickets

Professional League

  • Gem Entry Fee: 500 Gems
  • Base Legacy Ticket Earning Pool (Max): 11,750 Legacy Tickets
  • 1st Place Legacy Ticket Rewards (Max): 4700 Legacy Tickets
  • 2nd Place Legacy Ticket Rewards (Max): 2937.5 Legacy Tickets
  • 3rd Place Legacy Ticket Rewards (Max): 2350 Legacy Tickets
  • 4th Place Legacy Ticket Rewards (Max): 1175 Legacy Tickets
  • 5th Place Legacy Ticket Rewards (Max): 587.5 Legacy Tickets

Super League

  • Gem Entry Fee: 1000 Gems
  • Base Legacy Ticket Earning Pool (Max): 23,500 Legacy Tickets
  • 1st Place Legacy Ticket Rewards (Max): 9400 Legacy Tickets
  • 2nd Place Legacy Ticket Rewards (Max): 5875 Legacy Tickets
  • 3rd Place Legacy Ticket Rewards (Max): 4700 Legacy Tickets
  • 4th Place Legacy Ticket Rewards (Max): 2350 Legacy Tickets
  • 5th Place Legacy Ticket Rewards (Max): 1175 Legacy Tickets

Legacy Tickets

Legacy Tickets are more than mere in-game tokens — they’re your precious gameplay rewards! While players can earn Legacy Tickets by placing in Competitive Events throughout the day, Legacy Tickets will be automatically converted into $GALA only once each day.

The amount of $GALA awarded per Legacy Ticket is determined by the total available reward pool, which will initially consist of 15% (subject to change) of the $GALA spent on in-game Gems. In the future, this reward pool will also be filled by a percentage of $GALA spent on other items such as buildings.


Legacy beckons you to a world where business strategy, keen competition, and tangible rewards intertwine. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a strategic business maestro, Legacy promises an experience that’s both enthralling and rewarding.

In Legacy, your design skills and business strategies are keys to success. Great design wins, superstar preparation prevails. Anyone who paid theGems required for entry can win any Event at any time, just so long as they put their artistic flair into every design and out-strategize the competition.

Join us in this business adventure, build your legacy, and enjoy everything that comes with it — all on the robust Gala Games platform.

Embark on your Legacy journey today and prove your business prowess in a game where every decision counts!

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