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Launch Day — Welcome to Your Legacy!

October 23, 2023
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The eagerly anticipated business sim game by 22cans launched today for PC/Mac on Gala Games!

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Over the last several weeks preparing for launch, we’ve shared a bunch of Legacy excitement, so check out the blogs below to catch up on anything you might have missed!

Launch Date Announcement
Legacy Deeds and Keys
Legacy Events

The release of the Litepaper has been slightly delayed, but we expect that it will be out before the end of Launch day.

Shortly following launch, we’ll share an FAQ blog with the most popular questions asked by the existing Gala Games community and new players. Our community always asks great questions, and they almost always catch a couple of important ones that weren’t clarified enough prior to launch. Bottom line: We want you all equipped for Legacy success!

Choose a Key

Unless you own Legacy Land, the very first thing you’ll want to do in the game is choose a Legacy Key from the list of available Keys. Be sure to choose a Guild that suits your interests and strategies, because the Guild leader will have the ability to remove your Key and boot you from their Guild if they think they can do better with another Key Player.

Configure Your Guild

If you own Legacy Land, congratulations, You’re a Guild owner! Once you have bridged your Land Deed from Ethereum to GalaChain (you can do this through your Gala Games account inventory–It will cost ETH network fees to make this transaction). If you wait to configure your Land, you could be missing out on rewards from day one. Plus, you’ll deprive some awesome Key Player of an amazing opportunity.

Please note that Common Land Deeds by default do NOT include any Legacy Keys, but the ability to purchase and add one to your Guild will soon be available. For now, you’re a one-person Guild, so make it count!

Let the Competitions Begin!

Now that the game is live, it’s time for Guild Leaders and Key Players alike to put their creativity, innovation and strategy to the test!

Once you’re in the game, check out the Events tab to explore current competitions and decide which is best for your skill level. You can choose from Most Profit, Most Sales, or the community-voted Design Competitions. Now check out the valuable advice from the 22cans team below!

Tommy’s Top Tips for Legacy Events

Here are some handy starter tips for the Most Sales and Most Profit Events!

There are three areas of focus for a successful event run:

  • The layout of your town
  • Designing the right product
  • Preparing for a specific event

Optimizing the layout of your town is crucial for both event types. Think about the location of your production building doorways in relation to each other as well as the locations of distribution buildings, and the resting places of your workers. The closer all these things are, the faster your production line.

Note: Have a good look at the locked districts! Some of them come with extra buildings, securing the right ones early on will give you a serious edge over those who have not (think what a second Dispatch Van will do for you, or another Warehouse…).

Designing the right product

When designing a product, you need to consider the event you are entering. For a Most Sales event, you’ll want a simple product that your workers can produce quickly. Making a one-part product might sell for next to nothing, but it will get made super fast, and that’s what matters. Keep an eye on the market value though, as one-part products don’t last long and you do not want your workers sitting idle and waiting for you to redesign while the clock ticks down. Red balloons over the factory are your number one priority at all times.

For Most Profit events, a little bit more planning is advised. Organize the value of each product part in price order, starting with the highest paying. Use ALL available part slots to maximize the product’s value. Researching more valuable parts in the Research Lab is a big help, but adding the most expensive parts isn’t always the best idea; you must also consider the time it takes to create each part. Experiment outside of the event to find the best possible combo of parts in your drawers.

Preparing for an Event

There’s a short window of opportunity between the announcement of an incoming event and its starting time. Use this wisely. If you have a Warehouse, fill it to the gills with refined resources so you’re ready to drag and drop into the Factory as soon as the event begins. You can set each production building to deliver to certain places, so set your Refineries and Smelters to send the workers to the Warehouse.

A fully charged workforce is a little sneaky tip most people won’t think about. Halting production and sending everyone home (or down to the Pub or into any of the Leisure buildings) so that they’re fresh and ready for the event start means you’ll have that extra juice in the can compared to those business owners who drive their teams hard all day and all night.

Don’t forget to start production off in each building again once the event starts, or all your hard work in preparing will be wasted!

And that’s it — you now have what it takes to become a legendary player in Legacy.

What are you Waiting for?

A bunch of eager entrepreneurs are already hitting the Legacy streets, building the beginnings of their business empires. Join them!

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