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Latest and Greatest: Echoes of Empire in Orbit

March 4, 2024
Echoes of Empire is a web3 ownership enabled space adventure 4x game from Ion Games and Gala.
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The immensity of the galaxy is starting to feel like a powder keg of competition and conquest, as things are heating up in Echoes of Empire. In the time that the Empire’s rule stretched throughout known space, it was easy to point fingers and cast blame–Now that the remnant noble houses are grappling for power and control, everyone is getting an idea of the sheer brutality left by the Empire’s absence.

Whether you support the Garrison’s military might, the Arbeiters’ merchant-driven diplomacy or the dignified ancestry and heavy hand of the Royals, now is the time to take what’s yours in the galaxy. Play for free, upgrading and building your Homebase into a formidable force that will make your enemies think twice before trying to take what you have earned.

Mine resources from Celestial Objects owned by other players to earn Stardust. Every day, 50% of each player’s Stardust is burned, locking in that player’s share of the daily $GALA reward distribution. But beware! Everyone is looking for more Stardust and your excess is just a raid away, so be sure to build up a force ready to defend your base!

Upcoming Features & Upgrades

Here is a rundown of the upcoming features slated to be added to the live game, starting with the most immediate high priority additions.

High Priority–Coming Soon

Capital Ship Combat Update

The team will soon refactor the combat system for Capital Ships, calculating damage procedurally among defenders and adding a cap to the total number of defending Capital Ships at any given time.

Real-time Player Fleet Movement

Players will soon have the ability to monitor the movement of other players’ fleets on the map, giving everyone an opportunity to detect incoming attacks and enemy mining operations. To maintain optimal performance, this feature will be capped to a user-adjusted number of viewable enemy fleets.

PvE Combat

The game’s first PvE battles will soon be added to Echoes of Empire, allowing players to attack certain Celestial Objects with a variety of enemy themes, presenting new challenges and rewards. Defeating these celestial “villains” means an opportunity to gather new types of resources.


Giving players a chance to compare themselves to the top players in the game at any time, the player leaderboard will look at crucial stats like combat power and Stardust owned.

Rally Attacks

Rallies are a new type of multi-fleet attack that will let players invite comrades and guildmates to help defeat a powerful foe. Players will start Rally attacks, then additional supporters will have an opportunity to join the attack with their own fleets before it commences.


The first Guild system is coming soon to Echoes of Empire, including Guild formation, applications, moderation and spatial UI support.

Medium Priority–Coming a Bit Later

Chat Features

This update within the coming months will add basic chat functionality into the game, for both global and Guild-based chat functions.

Territory Control Nodes

This update will bring a new type of Guild focused Celestial Object onto the board. When a Territory Control Node is taken by a Guild, bonus stats will be given to members of that Guild within a set proximity of that Celestial Object.

Owned Celestial Object Upgrades

This is a large upgrade for owners of Celestial Objects, claimed using Celestial Claim Tokens. Buildings on owned Celestial Objects will receive stat boosts and additional functions, such as defenses and increases to inventory space.

Flagship Modules and Crafting

Players will have the ability to create modules to be added to their Flagships, increasing various stats and enhancing their Flagships.

On the Distant Horizon

Skill Tree

The Echoes of Empire skill tree will enhance the strategic choices of every player. Players will spend in-game resources and time to train in new skills with the potential to elevate a variety of core stats.

Login Rewards

A robust system of daily login rewards will incentivize players to login on a regular basis. New rewards will unlock each day and players will receive anything from in-game resources to utility items such as shields and teleporters.

In-app Purchase Bundles

This update will bring more variety and value to in-game purchasing by allowing players to spend credits on bundles to receive multiple items with single purchases.

New Ships

With changing the game’s strategic combat meta, a new variety of cosmetically enhanced ships will become available, including pirate variants.

With all these features coming to Echoes of Empire, the galactic mayhem has only just begun. This is the perfect time to take advantage of the calm before the storm, building your Homebase into something ready to survive in the aftermath of the Empire and build a legacy for your noble house. The galaxy is yours. Take it!