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Korea Node Owner Tournament— Quarter & Semifinals Recap

November 27, 2021
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It has been a wild week of Spider Tanks battling in the Korea Node Owner Tournament, but the results are in! Two skilled teams of the original 16 have emerged triumphant and will be heading to Las Vegas to compete live on the World Galaverse Stage at -into the galaverse on December 11th and 12th.

Read on for a recap (including videos) of the remaining Quarterfinal matchups, as well as recordings of the two Semifinal matchups!

Day 4 — Quarterfinals

Day 4 was filled with quarterfinal matchups. The participants had a fantastic time, giving everyone a great idea of Spider Tanks’ future of worldwide esports success! Players were well-prepared based on excellent understanding of the game, which helped viewers enjoy the tournament even more. They also played in all modes based on their strategies, making for an exciting day of Quarterfinal battle action.

Competition is going to be incredibly tight in Las Vegas, where the best two teams from this tournament will come to battle alongside the best two teams from last week’s US Node Owner Tournament at -into the galaverse!

Following completion of the above battles, the Quarterfinals are wrapped up, advancing half the teams one step closer to the Galaverse and sending the other half home defeated. We noticed that the players sounded more relaxed during the briefing session, probably because they were well-prepared. Most of today’s battles were neck and neck nail biters.

KoreaT1 vs K9 Thunder

You can see from the 3–1 end score that their matches were fierce. KoreaT1 fought tightly together while K9 Thunder employed a more spread out strategy. The first game was won by K9 Thunder. Unfortunately it failed to break down KoreaT1’s strong Tank Bodies and stronger teamwork in the following matches. Although both teams had great strategies, KoreaT1 successfully moved on to the semifinals.

MiningQueen vs 795

Despite high network latency, the games were well-played without any rematches. Although MiningQueen lost one game, they defeated 795 to advance to the semifinals thanks to strong teamwork. One of the players got disconnected in the middle of the fourth set, but he was able to quickly come back to the game. The remaining two players kept calm, which showed what it would take to be the winner.

TAS vs Korea S-Class

This matchup was pretty one-sided, ending with a 3–0 score, but each set was still a tight game. Korea S-Class began to move ahead thanks to the remarkable gameplay by their star player, Ttakpool. The second set was Chicken Chaser mode, in which TAS was quite confident, but Korea S-Class showed off a better strategy. They kept the momentum and won the last set, which was Hold The Flag mode.

That was the end of the semifinals. Only two games are left to decide on the Las Vegas trip recipients. We can hardly wait for the Seimfinal action of Day 5!

Day 5 — Semifinals

Watch the two Semifinal matchups below to see who has won a trip to Las Vegas to compete at -into the galaverse!

AK vs Korea T1

MiningQueen vs Korea S Class

The Spider Tanks World Cup

Get ready for the kickoff of the first ever big-time Esports Championship, brought to you by Gala Games and sponsored by OKEx.

The mayhem starts tonight at 7pm PST! Watch live on Youtube, in both English and Korean!

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