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Mirandus VOX — Utility Reveal

November 27, 2021
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Originally published: November 26th, 2021

Conversation surrounding December 6th’s upcoming Mirandus VOX Drop has been building momentum, as the Gala Games community waits for the most exciting portions of information to be revealed.

In Discord, thousands have participated in the first two community Mini-Quests, helping us last week to design a Legendary Sword, and this week to tell the story of the Legendary Everflow Elf VOX.

Gala Labs has gained an invaluable peek into the mind of Mirandus Game Director Michael McCarthy, and today we return with some highly anticipated info regarding future utility for this series of 8888 unique Mirandus VOX.

Exemplars and Charms

The most perceptive among you may have noticed that many of the Mirandus VOX represent specific Exemplars. For example, some VOX will be variations of the Legendary Everflow Elf, while others may be unique variations of the human Seafarers, the Clearblood Orcs, or the Iron Shaper Dwarves. All Exemplars will be represented by their own class of Mirandus VOX.

Facing the mysteries of Mirandus alone is scary, even for an Exemplar. That’s why the Mirandus VOX series will be your “charm” in the game: Think of them as a good luck token or a small but powerful relic to slip into your pocket on your adventures. They are a way to power up your Exemplar. When you own an Exemplar and the matching VOX, you receive a special boost to your Exemplar’s innate abilities.

Keep in mind that to unlock the rare power of a Mirandus VOX Charm, you must own both the Exemplar and the corresponding VOX. For example, a Mirandus VOX Bone Orc will only pair with a Bone Orc Exemplar; a VOX Darksun Elf will only pair with a Darksun Elf Exemplar. Matching Exemplar to VOX is a quest entirely its own. There is no way of knowing what VOX your Boxes will contain, so the strategic choices surrounding this quest are yours alone to make.

You may want to load up on Exemplars in hopes that your VOX will align with them, or you may plan on waiting until your VOX are revealed before acquiring the appropriate Exemplar. Remember that every Mirandus Exemplar is limited in supply, so do not hesitate, and always trust your instincts.

Town Star Season 2

At the time Mirandus VOX are revealed, there will be no play-to-earn utility in Town Star. However, once Town Star Play-to-Earn has entered Season 2, Mirandus VOX will be eligible to earn daily TOWN rewards!

Within Town Star, Mirandus VOX rarities will work differently than the rarities of Town Star VOX from the inaugural series. Earnings will generally be lower than Town Star VOX (who are much more comfortable walking the streets and fields of a Town Star town), and Mirandus VOX will not affect the earnings of Town Star VOX in any way.

Additional Utility

Don’t forget that VOXverse and VOXcoin are coming, as well as other untold surprises. VOX are “avatars that DeFi” for multiple reasons, and these initial play-to-earn utilities are merely scratching the surface.

In the remaining days before the big drop, look for more announcements about exciting additional bonuses and hunts, including more specifics on Mirandus in-game utility. For now, we will only drop a couple hints of these additional perks:

Beastly Bonuses await.

Familiarize Yourself with Dragons.


Michael McCarthy (Mirandus Game Director) and James Olden (Gala Chief Strategy Officer) will be in Discord (VOX discussion channel) today, Friday at 5pm PST, answering the community’s questions for at least half an hour.

If you want to know more about Mirandus VOX and their upcoming utilities, come with your questions ready!