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Join the Party with VOX

August 10, 2021
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Dropping Aug 10, ~3:00pm PST

Get ready for a drop today from Gala Labs that everyone’s been talking (and dancing) about. Each VOX in the inaugural series is a unique Town Star inspired character with a randomized set of traits true to that character.

Complete with an FBX source file, VOX are versatile companions who can be animated, 3D printed, used in augmented reality and more. Every VOX will also generate future play-to-earn rewards by interacting in various ways with the Gala Games ecosystem.

8888 VOX will be sold in the first series drop. Each VOX will be sold for 0.0888 ETH (plus gas fees). VOX may only be purchased with ETH.

The inaugural series of VOX will be available for sale at starting August 10, 2021 at 3:00 pm PST. You won’t want to show up fashionably late to this party.

Own Your Expression

We can all agree that the art of digital expression has taken a massive leap forward in recent years. From the chat rooms of the 90s where we piled our favorite qualities about ourselves into one glorious screen name, to the sideways punctuation we used to express some of the earliest iterations of the emoji 🙂 ❤ on a freakishly durable Nokia phone.

Now, thanks to blockchain technology, we can actually own things. With cartridge video games, cassette tapes and DVDs, we were brushing on the idea of real ownership, but then the share-it-all culture that came with the early internet changed the rules. For two decades the digital property ownership battles have raged on. Until the rise of blockchain, players and collectors could never be empowered by real ownership. As the players of the world continue waking up to the idea that they can own the things they play with, blockchain-backed ownership will become the new standard for digital possession.

Virtual Self

One of the most fascinating things about the emergence of NFT collectibles, blockchain gaming and crypto assets into the mainstream is what it says about individuality. By opening the door to an entirely new level of economy and society, people are given greater freedom and more opportunities than ever before to express their unique identities.

Your “identity” is simply a collection of stories. More specifically, it’s the collection of stories you tell yourself about yourself. An identity can be as large or as small as anyone can imagine. Like a holiday tree that you can decorate with an endless amount of ornaments, your identity forms throughout your life.

Now that digital asset ownership is being gradually intertwined into our lives, it can be a source of joy, solace or fond memories. Our digital belongings will be direct reminders of some of the most important stories we tell ourselves, the stories that make up our identity. Being able to own unique virtual items will enrich our natural abilities to know ourselves, as we begin to craft virtual versions of ourselves.

Unique in Multiple Ways

Every VOX is unique. Think about that for a moment. Until you open the box, you don’t know anything about the VOX. It could be an incredibly rare combination of traits, the rarest of which will earn greater defi rewards in upcoming games. No matter what, your VOX will be one-of-a-kind, a unique part of your digital identity.

In addition to each VOX being an individual, the idea is brand new as well. Of course there have been other avatar NFT projects. Some of them have even offered randomly generated unique traits (like VOX) and fetched high prices on secondary markets. By offering source files as an ownership benefit, Gala Labs is creating the opportunity for your VOX to boldly go where no avatar has gone before, no matter the metaverse. VOX is the beginning of something big, something all across the metaverse, something that will earn, and something that is provably yours.

Avatars that Defi

We don’t think it’s too soon to turn defi into a verb! There is no better word for what these VOX avatars will do as the project unfolds. They will defi! Just owning a VOX will unlock your future ability to earn gaming rewards like VoxCoin. The more rare the VOX, the more epic the rewards!

Join the Party!

This isn’t just another party where everyone tries to fit in. This is the party where absolutely everyone stands out! Express your digital self with Vox!
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