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It’s Time to Reveal Your VOX!

April 8, 2022
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Are you ready to crack open the apocalypse with AMC’s The Walking Dead VOX?

The day to reveal your TWD VOX is finally upon us, and everyone here at Gala Games is beyond excited. We’re extremely pleased with the work the VOX team has done for this third series, and we’re proud of our partnership with AMC to bring the world of The Walking Dead to life in the VOXverse.

Revealing Your VOX

Your VOX Box can be exchanged for your VOX starting today at

After connecting your Metamask wallet to the site, you’ll be able to utilize the onsite exchange interface to trade in your ERC-1155 VOX Box for a freshly minted, unique and provably random VOX. You can complete the exchange whenever you’d like– just in case you’re still a little scared of what may be lurking inside yours.

Is it Too Late to Get a VOX Box?

Sadly, all available TWD VOX Boxes are sold out from the Gala Games Store. There are, however, plenty of ways to still get your hands on a VOX.

Since every VOX Box and VOX itself is a unique NFT, you may still have a chance to grab an unopened box or two from other VOX fans on secondary markets.

Official TWD VOX collection:

After VOX Boxes are revealed, individual VOX will likely make their way to the secondary markets as well. This can be a great way to hunt down that perfect VOX for a fan that has their heart set on their favorite character or a particular walker.

AMC’s The Walking Dead is our third VOX series. Since every unique VOX is an independently owned NFT, it’s not too late to get VOX from our first two releases. Tons of unique VOX (and even some unrevealed boxes!) from our first two series are still available for sale within the community.

Official Town Star VOX:

Official Mirandus VOX:

Vox Squad Giveaway

As we’ve previously mentioned, VOX Squad is the premier community for true VOX fans. Anyone is welcome to sign up for the VOX Squad, but its ranks won’t stay open forever. 48 hours after the beginning of the TWD VOX reveal, membership will close until the next series release approaches.

Every member of the VOX Squad will receive an original membership NFT that the team is designing specially for this group of fans. Members also receive access to a secret, squad-exclusive channel on Discord, and will be the first we’ll come to when it’s time to update everyone on the latest VOX info.

After the membership window closes in 48 hours, we’ll be opening a giveaway for VOX Squad members only. Anyone that’s joined before the 48-hour window closes can fill out a form that we’ll make available to members only. This will put their name in the hat for a special giveaway for an unopened VOX Box! If you want a chance to win though, you need to make sure you join the VOX Squad by signing up with your email at within the next 48 hours, before entry to this group is closed until further notice!

What’s Next for VOX?

TWD VOX was our biggest, most ambitious collection so far– but we’re just getting started. We’ll update you about our next VOX series soon, and we think it’ll definitely be worth the wait. The VOX team is already eager to craft and breathe life into an entirely new series featuring all the detail, nuance, and unique features you’ve come to expect from VOX.

Enter the VOXverse and VOX Idle

As we’ve discussed previously, legendary game designer and developer Will Wright has major plans for crafting a cohesive and compelling digital world that ties together all VOX into one central experience. While this concept is still in its early stages, Wright plans to gradually expand the scope of who and what VOX are in the digital space as The VOXverse develops.

The first exploration of the world around VOX will come soon in the form of VOX Idle. This limited project will involve assigning your VOX tasks to have them accomplish jobs, gather resources and earn rewards. This will be the first time that all NFTs associated with VOX can be pulled into the same experience together.

This title will be a simple text game played within Discord, but will establish the very beginnings of the VOXverse’s day-to-day life. While many aspects of the VOXverse are still in development, Wright has said that he’d like to think of VOX Idle as a great way for your VOX to get a leg up before they really dive into the VOXverse.

Another Amazing VOX Series

We love VOX and are passionate about creating new experiences that our community will love. AMC’s The Walking Dead VOX was an incredibly special series, and it takes a lot of people to make this happen– and we’re grateful to them all. But most importantly, we’re thankful for you. Without our excellent community, we wouldn’t be able to make all the cool things we’re all passionate about. With your continued support and enthusiasm, there’s no limit to where we can go together!

Everyone here at Gala Games sincerely hopes that our VOX fans have fun revealing their The Walking Dead VOX. Head on over to to see what awaits in yours!

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