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Introducing the Planetary Node Atlas

August 19, 2022
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The newest addition to the Spider Tanks website’s “Web3” section is the Planetary Node Atlas, with all the current plans for the Planetary Node Ecosystem.

While we won’t spoil the excitement by going over everything in the Node Atlas here, the following teasers should give you an idea of just how unique and special Spider Tanks Planetary Nodes will be.

  • An active Planetary Node operator receives rewards for every single match.
  • Your own Map can be paired with your Planetary Node to increase reward potential.
  • Planetary Nodes can be upgraded to occupy more spaces in the Node Queue.


Planetary Node AMA

Please join members of the Spider Tanks team for a live AMA next Tuesday, August 23rd at 2pm PT, where they will take all your questions from Discord about the Planetary Node Atlas, latest Lite Paper, and more.

Prop Sale

Ok, a lot of awesome games have silly things you can wear on your head, but not a lot of games pack them with gameplay-boosting power-ups the way Spider Tanks does.

This duckling doesn’t need any help crossing the street. Boost your Tank’s Elemental Resistance and Elemental Damage while turning any match into quacking deadly bathtime fun with the Rubber Ducky Prop.
If you get meowed down by cat-astrophic stray fire, don’t take it purrsonally. Quicken your Tank with these Cat Ears and you’ll be feline good. All kitten aside, cat puns are pawsome.

Not only can you wear these sweet little Props proudly into battle or trade them on the market as you see fit, but your opponents will always remember that they got schooled by a Tank wearing a Rubber Ducky, or perhaps a pair of Cat Ears, if that’s more your style. Both items give boosts to important stats like speed and damage.

FOMO alert — Only 2000 of each of these Props will exist.

You’ll find these Props (and more in the future) in the Spider Tanks store.

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