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Contract Audit Results — Security and Transparency

August 19, 2022
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Let’s take a few minutes to call attention to one of the lesser-known milestones of any good Web3 economy: The contract audit.

In the world of Web3 entertainment, innovations are possible thanks to two separate, yet equally important groups: The crypto enthusiasts who think outside the box, and the communities who spread the word. These are their stories.

We take our tokens seriously. To become the global Web3 entertainment leaders of Gala’s destiny, every ecosystem that we build must be objectively sound, secure and sustainable. Before they are launched, new contracts must be checked rigorously for any kind of vulnerability or exploit.

Even though we have a wealth of in-house expertise and experience in blockchain tech, for the crucial contract audit step of the development process, we reach out to third-party experts in that field: Anchain.AI.


Anchain is an AI-powered cybersecurity company enhancing blockchain security, risk, and compliance strategies. They specialize in thorough reviews and audits of smart contracts, blockchains and cryptocurrencies, serving hundreds of clients worldwide, and securing over $100 Billion in daily transaction volume. Basically, when Anchain puts their stamp of approval on a contract, the industry sees it as an undisputed sign of security and legitimacy.

Said Dr. Victor Fang, CEO & Co-founder of AnChain.AI, of the auditing process, “Since 2018, the AnChain.AI has been relied upon by both traditional financial institutions, leading DeFi projects, and even government regulators to certify the security of some of the world’s highest-traffic smart contracts. Gala Games’ proactive approach to securing their smart contracts and commitment to protecting their users has been evident since our first conversation. Our auditing team’s efforts are made all the more effective by the Gala Games team’s meticulous approach to resolving even the most minor vulnerabilities discovered in the auditing process.”

More Transparency

As a privately owned company, Gala is under no obligation to share the results of these audits with our community. We hope this can serve as a reminder of the importance of transparency in the world of Web3 we’re building together.

We are thrilled to share these results with our community for the first time. We fully understand that audits, reports and numbers aren’t always as exhilarating as own-your-experience AAA-quality gameplay. Like we always say, we’re a games-first company, but we are building real reward-based ecosystems whose sustainability and success depend on the quality of the contracts on which they’re built. That’s why we rely on Anchain for our third-party contract audits.

Read the Report

If you’re interested in seeing how the blockchain sausage is made, take a look at the downloadable PDF of the contract audit report for Materium through the link below. Materium (MTRM) is the official reward crypto of Gala’s upcoming Web3 MMORPG, Mirandus.


Let’s Talk About It

We’ll be around Discord if you’d like to chat more about the importance of third-party contract audits, or any other topic of your choice. Web3 is our passion, our hobby, our livelihood, and our absolute favorite conversation topic.

If you’re missing out on the Gala Games Discord community, there are friends to be made, there is fascinating research to be done, and there are countless ways to empower yourself to earn rewards in the Web3 world. All you have to do is get involved.

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