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Introducing the Gala Games Bug Bounty

May 24, 2023
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We’re working with Immunefi & putting huge rewards up for anyone who helps us eradicate bugs and enhance security.

Important Details

Who — Gala Games, Immunefi
What — Bug Bounty Program launch with $1M in total bounties
When — May 23rd, 2023
Where — The Gala Games ecosystem
Why — We value your security

Bug Bounty Live

The Gala Games Bug Bounty is live now. To browse bounties and rewards, visit our Bug Bounty Page at

Shortly following last week’s massive $GALA Contract Upgrade and the Pledge that Burned 20.9B $GALA in the spirit of transparency, the launch of this Bug Bounty Program is another example of our commitment to the long-term success of this ecosystem.

Thanks for making all this growth possible! We will continue not only to make and publish awesome games, but to keep you safe and comfortable in the new world of web3 empowerment 😎

United in Uniqueness

As a member of the Gala Games community, you’re an early adopter of web3. As an early adopter, you’re very familiar with the ongoing war between the givers and the takers in the space. For every altruistic, future-thinking builder in the space, there’s also someone waiting for opportunities to exploit and extract value from any situation.

The world has a vast range of ethical standards, and we would never attempt to impose our ethical code onto anyone. Still, we must protect and incentivize the kinds of behavior that support a healthy ecosystem and our collective future success.

We cannot prevent anyone from having exploitative intentions, but with the launch of our Bug Bounty Program, we can show potential exploiters a better path.

Tina the Hacker

Let’s say a hacker named Tina finds an exploitable bug within one of our early games, immediately recognizing that she could make at least $30k from it in a short time before being caught, having her account banned, and facing potential legal action.

With no bug bounty,

Tina could tell us about it for free, wait for someone else to exploit it, or exploit the bug herself. Regardless of ethics, there is only one option that results in Tina becoming richer, and it’s a serious crime, not to mention bad for the ecosystem.

With a bug bounty,

She will wonder about the value of the bug, not in terms of how much she can gain from exploiting it, but in terms of how much damage she could prevent by exposing it. If the bug is valued highly enough, Tina could earn up to $50,000 from the bug bounty. Then, instead of being punished, she is rewarded as a white hat hero of the community.

We believe that 9 of 10 Tinas would make the clear and easy choice to support the community.

About Immunefi

Immunefi is web3’s leading bug bounty platform, protecting $60 billion in user funds. Immunefi is a way for companies to tap community resources, allowing hackers rewarding opportunities to help rather than hurt. It’s also a way for the independent hackers of the world to do their part in securing the future of web3.

Thanks for being part of this journey with us. If you have the skills and knowledge to help us improve our ecosystem, we hope you’ll share them with us, so we can all grow together.

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