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May Mayhem Madness

May 24, 2023
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The Mayhem is reaching a full fever pitch now. Time to grind out those rewards is starting to get scarce!

May is coming to a close soon, but there’s still time for a little Mayhem! We understand that with so much going on May Mayhem can feel a little overwhelming, but never fear! We’re here to keep you up to date on the latest happening throughout Gala Games this week.

PokerGO Play

If you didn’t catch the news, an all new game is coming to the Gala Games ecosystem. In partnership with PokerGO — the streaming home of The World Series of Poker — we’ll soon bring PokerGO Play to our platform! Look for more details coming soon, including an opportunity to unlock FREE poker content in time for the WSOP!

Ahead of the Game

Don’t miss this brand new weekly live show all about Gala Games, hosted by Jason “Bitbender” Brink, everyone’s favorite Berserker Barbarian. Set a notification with the link below for Thursday, May 25th at 4pm PT, so you don’t miss the latest news (and maybe some leaks).


They killed Mother!!! That’s right, despite overwhelming odds, brave adventurers banded together to bring down the goblin queen.

The playtest isn’t over though, and in the end the prize will be divided between all players who are able to land a killing blow on the boss!

Spider Tanks

The battle rages on in arenas across The Planetary Union! Last week players racked up kills to have a crack at parts from The Warrior build. This week, players will vie for an all new Tank combo– The Knight!

This long-awaited combo (along with its laser sword) will also be on sale for the first time tomorrow at 12pm PT. Check out the details below, because this is one you don’t want to miss.

Legends Reborn

Only two days left to take to the tables to win some rewards in Legends Reborn. If you didn’t sign up last week you’re unfortunately out of luck, but if your name is already registered at the lists… what are you waiting for? Get in there and win!


Open season is in full swing in Superior. Until May 29th, anybody can play Superior at any time on Gala Games! No NFT Character or Early Access NFT required.

In the current Challenge competition (kicked off Monday 5/22), the top 25% of players qualify for a Bartender backpack, and the top 50 will get an Uncommon Prime NFT character! Get in there by next Monday, and check out the latest from the devs at Monday’s live stream replay below!

Town Star

The mayhem isn’t stopping in Town Star. Week 3 competition started today, and there’s still time to get in on some sweet rewards!


GRIT’s full launch on Epic Games is tomorrow — Wednesday, May 24th. The Wild West battle royale will be open 24/7 with NFTs in play, tons of in-game consumables, and a chance to win $GALA for playing!

It’s happening tomorrow at 12pm PT… High noon. Get ready to ride.

Dragon Strike

Full Web3 integration has now come to DragonStrike: Puzzle RPG! Players can now mint max level Heroes as NFTs on GYRI with the all-new Scroll of Minting and summon NFT-ready Heroes from the Summoning Portal.

The mayhem doesn’t stop there though, as we’ve sent out Scrolls of Minting to every player for each $100 they’ve ever spent in the game. That’s not all though — anyone can get in on the mayhem! Just link up your Gala Games account in-game to get a free Scroll of Minting and a pile of extra Gems!

Calling All Bug Hunters!

Gala Games has just announced the launch of a brand new Bug Bounty Program in cooperation with With individual bounties of up to $50,000 and a total pool of $1M for the remainder of 2023, we’re empowering our brilliant community to play a role in enhancing our long-term security.

May Mayhem Meta Rewards

Where the super hardcore Gala Gamers at? There’s only a little time left for the most elite in our community to unlock their special Meta Rewards!

No purchase is required, but you’ll need to be grabbing rewards across every title on our platform to qualify for this. Bragging rights included.

Don’t dismay, there’s still way more May for you to play, and we’re not going away!

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