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Introducing Spider Friends

July 22, 2023
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What’s better than playing with your friends? Getting rewarded for it, of course!

The community of Pilots competing in arenas throughout the Planetary Cluster is a tight-knit group. In the arena, there’s no mercy for your opponent. When the missiles are disarmed though, Pilots generally watch out for each other, share tips and tricks, and otherwise just have a great time together.

Now, just because the arena is such a friendly place doesn’t mean we don’t have room for some new friends. The more the merrier! The veteran Pilots in the arena have been forged in the crucible of combat, but there always needs to be new challengers eager to take their place as legends of the arena.

The Spider Friends Referral Program

Spider Tanks is great to play with friends, so we thought it was time to put a little bonus in place for players who spread the word and introduce new people to the arena!

With this system, you’ll be able to receive free Tank Parts as you bring more players into the game. We know playing with friends is already a reward all by itself… but what’s not better with a free Tank!?

Each time you refer a friend that racks up 10 wins, you’ll get a little closer to your next free part. We’ll be checking these referrals monthly, so expect to get rewards for any qualifying referrals each month as Tank Parts get shipped out across the solar system!

Program Details

Any player who is new to Gala Games that signs up using your referral link will count towards your Spider Friends progress. You can find this link in the top navigation bar of, under ‘Refer A Friend’.

Once someone signs up using your link though, that won’t be quite enough to qualify for referral credit. This is the arena after all, and there’s something very important that every new player must do before they’re officially a Pilot… Win!

Players you refer to Spider Tanks will only further your progress in Spider Friends once they win 10 matches. After they’ve won 10 matches, they’ll count towards your total referrals and you’ll get closer to that next free tank part. You won’t get any added perks for any wins beyond their 10th… but it’ll sure pay off when you party up with them to grind up some ranks!

As you refer more qualifying players, you’ll climb through the following rewards:

These rewards may change in the future, but we’ll keep you updated when that does happen. For now, these rewards will be available to all Spider Tanks players as long as they meet the requirements.

Each month we’ll check who meets the criteria for each level of rewards listed above so we can send your shiny new parts over!

Metal on Metal Friendship

We know that the real reward for bringing your friends into a game you enjoy is getting to play alongside those friends… but who doesn’t love some extra goodness?

The arena is a great place to build real and meaningful relationships as you struggle for victory with or against your friends! We know that we’ve definitely made some of our closest friends down the nose cone of a rocket or in the quiet moments before that Reactive Plating BOOM.

Spider Friends is live now, and there’s never been a better time to bring your friends into the arena. Now, go forth! Tell everyone you know. Shout it from the rooftops! We’ll be waiting for you in the arena with all our friends.

Know a super friendly player from around the arena? Call them out in the comments and thank them for helping make our community awesome!