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Gala Games Store Adjustment for More Stable User Pricing

August 1, 2023
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Starting on Tuesday August 1, the Gala Games store will use the 3-day moving average price of tokens accepted as payment to protect purchasers against sudden volatility.

At Gala Games, our commitment has always been to foster a community of fairness, stability, and fun. We strive to make sure your experience is nothing short of exceptional, whether you’re adventuring in one of our games or navigating through the aisles of the Gala Games Store.

Previously, the prices of items were based on real-time data for $GALA and ETH. While this method allowed for market-responsive pricing, it also left room for sudden unexpected changes due to external factors like market manipulation and sudden volatility.

Many of you have expressed that this system creates unnecessary inconvenience and we’ve taken your feedback into consideration, so we’re introducing a new pricing model: the 3-day moving average. This change will significantly reduce the impact of sudden price swings and offer more consistent, predictable pricing.

A 3-day moving average is a calculated average of the most recent three days’ data, used to smooth out short-term fluctuations and highlight longer-term trends or cycles.

Here’s what this means for you: With this update, the prices you see in the store will reflect the average value of $GALA, ETH, SILK, etc. over the past three days. This smoother pricing approach makes sudden spikes or dips less impactful, providing a more balanced and user-friendly shopping experience.

The change takes effect starting on Tuesday, August 1st and will likely remain permanent, but for now is considered a test of the new pricing system.

Our goal with this change is to protect our valued users against the effects of sudden market volatility and potential manipulation. We want you to shop with confidence, knowing that the pricing you encounter is steady and fair.

As always, we’re grateful for your continued support and feedback. We’re excited about this improvement and we hope you are too. So head on over to the Gala Games Store and check out the new pricing model in action!

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